Monday, May 24, 2010

Hot Weekend Wrap-up

We're at the end of our May long weekend and it has been a hot one. Temperatures have been about 30 celsius (85-88) for the last few days - definitely a bit warmer than average. I'm enjoying it but admit that it's been a bit difficult adjusting to the heat. We didn't do much this weekend other than go on a little roadtrip - those are the first two pictures. In the video you can see Murphy enjoying a drink right from the hose.

Other than that, my brain is too muddled by the heat and the trauma of just cutting Bennett's hair to compose a meaningful, coherent post of any kind. I'll do better tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

those are two good lookin guys in the middle picture!

no bias,

Kiera Beth said...

Are those matching shorts I see on the boys in the middle picture? If so, where do you get them? It is a great picture!

I would also love to see a picture of Bennett's new do!

Barbara said...

Kiera - They are not only wearing matching shorts but t-shirts and hats! The shorts were from Old Navy and the t-shirts from Bass Pro Shop.