Thursday, May 6, 2010

Back To Cute

Ok. We've gone a couple days on this bloggy marathon without any cute. Fortunately with Bennett around, there's never any shortage of cute.

The other day, our neighbour Nancy and her grand daughter Abby came over for a visit. Bennett and Abby were having a great time exchanging smooches and taking turns on the slide. Eventually, Bennett noticed that Abby's babies were a bit neglected, so being the perfect gentleman that he is, he decided to take them for a walk up and down the street. And Jim, being the great dad that he is, followed along.

Below is video of the action - two tough guys happily pushing a pretty pink stroller up and down our street!


Anonymous said...

I liked hearing him say Momma! Just a brief glimpse - his gait looks good! Did he have his new brace on?

Barbara said...

Barbara - He is wearing the new brace. His gait is pretty good and kind of unique - it's definitely not typical for hemiplegia.

Kiera Beth said...

Wow - he cruises! His sweet little voice saying "Mama" brought tears to my eyes! Go Bennett!!

a little R and R said...

Hi, I just found your blog today from "Love That Max" and I really enjoyed reading everything you had written and the adorable pictures.

My daughter is 4 1/2 with CP, CVI, Epilepsy and afibrinogenemia. (whoo, that's a mouth-full)
She also has limited speech like your little guy and her gait is so similar to his, it made me smile.
Thanks for sharing!