Sunday, May 16, 2010

Heart Of Pure Chicken

The title is borrowing a line from Grandma and it's a perfect description of Bennett. We made a very spontaneous trip to Canada's Wonderland this weekend. It's probably the largest theme park in Canada, but I could be wrong. There is a large area devoted to rides for small kids and we thought Bennett might enjoy it. We got off to a good start with the mini train ride.

We followed up with a ride on the swans. Check out my boys in their lovely lavender swan.

Next up was the "Peanuts 500". It looks innocent enough but it was actually quite terrifying if you ask Bennett. After that ride, we couldn't even convince Bennett to LOOK at the other rides. He was firmly convinced (and all the screaming didn't help) that these colourful contraptions were nothing but sophisticated torture devices.

Eventually he agreed to ride in the mini old cars which he enjoyed. That was the last ride though.

The rides weren't a big hit but we had a good time anyway. Bennett loves people watching and sampling all the food. In the background of the picture below you can see my ride (scooter). I am grateful that so many places have these available to rent. It's the only thing that allows me to go places with Bennett and Jim that I couldn't go otherwise.
So, that was our first family trip to Canada's Wonderland. We'll definitely go back and we'll even bring our little chicken....


Anonymous said...

"Bennett loves people watching and sampling all the food."

Bennett and I like the same things! I must have a heart of chicken, too!

How far did you have to travel to get to Canada's Wonderland? I'm guessing you won't come here - no beaches.

Use of the scooter is just good adaptive behavior. Glad you are willing.

(that other) Barbara

Barbara said...

Barbara - Jim and I also enjoy people watching and food but we also like a good thrill ride. Fortunately Bennett is not alone - we have many family members who prefer to have their feet planted firmly on the ground. It takes us about 4 hours to drive to Canada's Wonderland - not really a day trip but it makes a great weekend getaway which is what we were really looking for. As for Texas - it's definitely in my travel list. I know many people who winter there and absolutely love it!

Anonymous said...

Just let me know when you will be here!

Forgot to ask earlier - Who is that college girl with your two men in the top photo?

Love the fact that he asked for the doctor! (other) Barbara