Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hair Cut

Bennett has needed a haircut for a while. Like me he has thick, unruly hair that grows very quickly. Mummu, Poppa and Auntie Bean made a brave effort last week but all attempts at a trim were thwarted by the little man who is currently having a love affair with the word "Nope".

Yesterday we could handle the wild hair no longer and decided to try it ourselves with clippers. First of all I cut Jim's hair - that was fairly easy - he only squirmed a bit and didn't cry at all. Bennett was convinced to try the clippers but I was only able to make a couple of passes before he stormed off in a huff shouting "NOPE" at the top of his lungs. You can image what his hair looked like at that point but if you can't here's a picture:

We were left with no choice but to force the issue which meant Jim holding Bennett in a bear hug, me clipping as fast as I could and Grandma practicing her routine for her upcoming audition for "You Think You Can Dance". The entire process involved a lot of screaming (Bennett) and cheering. In fact we caused such a ruckus that our neighbour Nancy felt obligated to investigate as she was worried that I had dragged the entire neighbourhood into my Feeding obsession.

The end result turned out ok though and hopefully it won't be such a big job next time.


Mummu and Poppa said...

That's our boy!

Handsome with long hair and handsome with short hair.

Hair doesn't make the man but it certainly is part of the debonair look that can easily charm the ladies - and we know how good Bennett is at that.

We love the new look.

Thanks for the cut Mommy, Daddy, and 'dancing' Grandma and for entertaining Nancy (the neighbour).

Today, at school, Bennett probably got rave reviews on the new do.

He will quickly learn how much attention can be had just by getting a hair cut!

What a cutie pie!

Look out ladies!

Love and God Bless!
Poppa and Mummu
xxx ooo xxx ooo xxx ooo xxx ooo

Anonymous said...

He sure is cute! I just noticed Murphy's smile in the sidebar - such a nice smile!

Thank goodness Jim didn't cry.

grandma and grandpa said...

NO, Jim and Barbara. I will NOT repeat that dance even though Bennett and I think it was worthy of an audition for "So you think you can dance". I am also very happy that Bennett was the only one who witnessed it and I hope that he was not traumatized by it! You did a marvelous job with the hair cut!
Lots of love, hugs and kisses
(and no, I will not repeat the dance so you can video tape it for the blog as you suggested earlier)

Barbara said...

Mummu - Everyone noticed his hair - and they all agree that it makes him look even more grown up.

Barbara - Murphy is a handsome guy!

Grandma - Come on, you know you want to dance again....