Saturday, December 26, 2009

Four Christmases

This year marks our fourth Christmas with Bennett. It's incredible how quickly kids grow up isn't it? In the early days we thought the days would never end and now I would like the days to go more slowly so I can enjoy my little boy.

We've had a nice Christmas - it has been a busy month - Disney, Birthdays, Christmas....I hope everyone is having a nice holiday too. Christmas can be a difficult time for many people - a fact that our "must be happy all the time - especially at Christmas" society tends to overlook. For anyone who for any reason is having a difficult time right now - my Christmas wish for you is peace.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Disney 2009!

Whew! A lot has happened since my last post. We travelled to Disney World in Florida for a week and my baby turned 3!! I can't believe it - where does the time go?

As you can see, we had a great time!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Student of the Week

As many of you know Bennett attends a preschool program at our local Children's Treatment Centre. Every week a different child is chosen to be the "PATH Student of the Week". This week was Bennett's turn.
We are pleased to introduce PATH Student of the Week, Bennett.
Bennett is a very social young man who enjoys learning new things. He is now learning how to make new sounds and is motivated to try new words. Bennett uses his communication book and his Minimo device very well to express what he wants and to share his ideas.
In Occupational Therapy, Bennett is now able to snip paper using his first Fiskar scissors. We are very proud of Bennett as he uses both hands to play with toys and is able to pull a zipper up and down by himself with just a little bit of help. Bennett is starting to make zip and zoom lines.
Bennett loves to explore all of his surroundings. He readily participates in gross motor activities, both in the classroom and the gym. He can walk in all directions and can climb up and down the stairs. Bennett enjoys kicking a ball and willingly participates in riding a tricycle.
It's a pleasure to have Bennett in our Preschool Program. He is always smiling and loves to do crafts!