Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bennett's In Love

I always knew that one day I would be replaced as the number one woman in his life, but I never dreamed that it would be so soon. Bennett has fallen in love and he has fallen hard. The love affair started a couple months ago and is still going strong. Who knows - maybe this girl is the one. The major barrier to future happiness would be the 20+ year age gap. The current woman of Bennett's dreams is his daycare educator - her name is Marissa.

It started innocently enough with Bennett pointing to her in his communication book and his device. Within a couple days though we knew there was a problem when ALL we were hearing was "Marissa". He wanted to play with Marissa, take a bath with Marissa, sleep with Marissa. On daycare days, he wakes up, looks at me, smiles and with a dreamy look in his eyes says "Marsa". When he gets there he takes a few moments to peek at her around the corner until he works up the nerve to get close - then he'll touch her and run away. He gets very upset whenever she leaves the room and will call at the top of his lungs for his "Marsa" to return.

We have been working on sequencing words in his book. At the end of one day, Marissa and I were discussing how well he was doing with this. She told me that earlier he had grabbed his book and asked her to undress and show him her belly! The kid definitely needs to work on his pick up lines. He can get away with it now but in about 15 years it would just be creepy. And I just don't know if Marissa is willing to wait that long.

In the video Bennett had decided to change his pronounciation of Marissa from the usual "Marsa" to what you hear. Experimenting with sounds I think to get closer - a great thing around here!


Popcorn House said...

I LOVE hearing his little voice! How cute is that!!!

Barbara said...

Suzanne - I could listen to his voice all :D

Kara said...

Sooooo cute. The way he was playing around with her name - and that twinkle in his eye! And how he agreed that "ya" she's his girlfriend....we could almost believe him!

Mummu and Poppa said...

Bennett: Isn't LOVE grand!!

You certainly bellows out the name MARISSA if we try to say ... maybe Marlene?? ... in place of Marissa, when Poppa sings 'Good Night Ladies'. We are sure that it is because of Marissa that this is Bennett's most requested song.

Mummu and Poppa
xxx ooo xxx ooo xxx ooo xxx ooo