Sunday, June 27, 2010


A few updates I guess. First of all, the house. As you can see we now have windows, doors and shingles! There is also a lot of brick sitting in front of the house so I hope that will be added this week. It seems things are moving along - I assume construction is going well but I'm anxious to speak with the contractor tomorrow about a bizarre conversation I had late Friday afternoon with the company that is supplying our bathroom fixtures. For some reason they called me to ask about installing the whirlpool tub. Why anyone would think I could be of help in this particular area is beyond me. We move in 54 days - hopefully the tub will be installed....

Jim brought both Murphy and Bennett swimming - at the same time - more of a challenge than you might think. Murphy and Bennett both had a great time - Jim - maybe not so much but we are all grateful that he's even willing to take on that kind of challenge.
Bennett also took some time out to visit Mummu and Poppa this afternoon where he got to hang out in the Jeep for awhile. As you can see he was also giving Poppa some advice on how to drive.


Anonymous said...

I think I gained weight just reading the top post!

What, you are not a plumber, too?

Great jeep shots! ;)

(other) Barbara

Anonymous said...

Bennett sure loves Poppa's jeep. I think we may have to get him one of his own.

Jim aka Dadda