Monday, June 14, 2010

Technical Difficulties

I apologize for the time between updates but we've been having some technical difficulties. Part of the problem is a much required servicing of our current computer. The other problem was caused by my iPod Touch - a recent purchase that has brought me much joy. However, that joy turned to frustration after I downloaded the latest version of iTunes and everything froze - again and again. So, after much time spent uninstalling and reinstalling applications and many hours with an Apple technician, it appears the problems have been resolved (mostly)

That's a really good thing because last week I convinced myself that purchasing an iPad would be a great idea for both Bennett and I. My decision was reinforced this morning after reading Ellen's post about Max and his iPad. In fact, many parent bloggers - especially those whose children have communication difficulties have had great things to say about the iPad. I was speaking with a couple of his assistive communication therapists this morning about the iPad and once I convinced them that I was planning on using it to supplement Bennett's current device - not replace it - they quickly came on board and agreed with me that the worst case scenario would be that I would end up with the iPad all to myself (I could live with that).

More updates and pictures soon!


Dawn said...

Well I certainly can't grumble about your being "gone" for a few days. I have been so behind I can't believe I missed your bloggy marathon. I've just kind of skimmed but hope to get back now that I'm on summer vaca and catch up. Bennett looks like he's grown since I last visited. So little boy looking, nothing baby or toddler about him.

As for an IPad. Joe has one and it's certainly the cats meow. I say go for it!

Barbara said...

Dawn - Welcome back!! I just got my iPad yesterday and would you believe I had technical difficulties again that involved a few hours on the phone? I think I'm one of the very few people to have so many problems with Apple products. Fortunately everything is figured out now and I'm loving both my iPod Touch and the iPad!

Dawn said...

Good for you getting your Ipad! My nerd hubby just ordered the Iphone4. He's never happy for long.

Sorry you had some troubles. I agree it must be you because I love my apple products and have had such good luck. ;) Glad you've got things figured out now though.