Monday, June 7, 2010

He Amazes Me

Sometimes I'm guilty of making the same mistake that I'm always worried other people will make - underestimating Bennett. I know he is smart and I know he doesn't miss anything but sometimes he comes out with stuff that blows my mind. Here are some examples from the last few days.

1. A couple weeks ago we were driving out to look at some trailers - it's out of town so it's a road we've only travelled a couple of times. Way off in the distance was some kind of large mining contraption - considering I grew up and live in a mining town with many friends and family who work in the industry it's kind of strange that I don't know what it is - but for the sake of this story we'll call it a contraption. Anyway, Bennett wanted to know what it was so Jim told him and added that sometimes Daddy works there. A few days ago we were driving the same road again and I could see Bennett watching out the window. Sure enough when we drove by the contraption, Bennett pointed it out, said "Dada" and signed "work".

2. Bennett received a couple new books recently. We were looking through them the other night. One page had a picture with the Sun, Moon, stars, Mars, Saturn and Earth. Bennett pointed out the Sun and Moon (both words he can say). For the heck of it I asked him where "Earth" was. It's something we've gone over maybe once or twice so I wasn't surprised when he pointed to it right away and tried to say it. However, I was surprised with the next word that came out of his mouth - he pointed at the Earth again and said "Home". Wow - that's a pretty big concept for a three year old to get. Especially when it's not something you've ever discussed before.

3. On the weekend we had to go and select a new bed. Our current one is only a year old but we're having problems with the mattress that are covered under warranty. We were sitting and waiting in a large room while they searched for our information. Bennett - never content to sit for long was wandering and flirting with the sales staff. An older woman sitting across the room asked me if Bennett was wearing a brace because he had broken his ankle. My response was a simple "No" because I don't owe anyone an explanation even if they are a nice old lady. Bennett - obviously an eavesdropper came racing over to me, picked up my right leg and pointed out my ankle to the nice old lady. I honestly don't know if I've ever even told Bennett that I broke my ankle - he knows that mommy has a boo-boo but we've never given him the details.

He honestly just blows my mind. I think because we don't have a lot of words coming out we assume that maybe he's not paying attention or doesn't understand sometimes. Obviously, we couldn't be more wrong.


Sheila said...

Wow, he is one amazingly smart boy! Way to go, Bennett!

Anonymous said...

I want to reach into the screen and plant a smooch on him! What a doll! A lot going on behind those beautiful eyes! Barbara

amy said...

That is a beautiful picture!

Maddy knows what 'earth' is but I don't really think she understands that we live on it. That is a big concept!

Barbara said...

Sheila - Thank you!

Barbara - Virtual smooches - I'm sure they'll be possible soon and Bennett is always more than willing to share.

Amy - Thank you! I love the picture - he looks very serious in it which is funny because he certainly is not a serious boy.