Thursday, June 17, 2010

Graduation Day

Bennett graduated yesterday from his preschool program at our local Children's Treatment Centre. It was a fun morning - the kids performed a couple songs - received their certificates and then had a snack. Next year Bennett will be attending a morning Junior Kindergarten class in the room right across from the one he was just in. They'll have a hard time keeping him out I think - he loved the therapists and the staff and will miss them all.

Here's a video of Bennett receiving his certificate. At first he was reluctant but then warmed up. I hope the video works - blogger has been giving me a hard time.

Now he's off for summer vacation - let the good times roll! (I've always wanted to use that expression but it never seemed appropriate - it doesn't now either but oh well)


Amy said...

Congrats to Bennett!

Great video! I'm video was foiled by another 3 year old who wouldn't get out of the way.

Dawn said...

WTG Bennett!!!

He looks great Barbara, loved the video.

Barbara said...

Amy - I was lucky that Bennett was the first child to be called - the others were in the hallway!

Dawn - He is pretty cute!