Wednesday, June 16, 2010

House Update

It certainly is starting to look more and more like a house isn't it? We walked around again yesterday and it has been fun seeing what the rooms are going to be like and envisioning what we'll need and where we'll put things. Our current home isn't very big so we'll have to buy a bit of extra furniture when we move - not much but at least a some stuff for our living room. I'm just really excited to have two bathrooms and a garage I can park the vehicle in!

We move in less than 10 weeks!!

Come back tomorrow for exclusive video and pictures from Bennett's preschool graduation!!


Popcorn House said...

WOW that looks GREAT!

Dawn said...

Wow!!! So nice looking. Glad we get to see the work in progress. First Ellen, now you, you're both making me want a new house. However I love my neighbors. Don't think I could leave them sad as that sounds.

Can't wait to see Bennett's video.

Kara said...'s looking like a house!!

I'll have to remind myself to take a drive by to see your new neighbourhood!