Wednesday, April 23, 2008

At Least He Was Wearing Shoes!

Today I decided to venture out to Walmart with Bennett. I don't go there very often, but I'm in search of glass baby bottles to replace the ones we've been using that have recently been banned here in Canada. For those of you who know me, you'll know that I don't get out much - with my difficulty walking and balance issues, the big guy and I don't often go out unless we have help. But it was a beautiful day and the leg wasn't feeling too bad, so I decided to try it. I got Bennett dressed and even put shoes on him! (I have to explain this a bit)

We've started occupational therapy with Bennett recently. No, I'm not trying to get him a job. This therapist is working on improving his fine motor skills and will be the one to help with things like tying shoes, using utensils, etc. She's a very nice young woman and absolutely wonderful with Bennett. Sometimes, I wonder what she thinks of me though. During one of our first meetings our conversation went something like this:

OT: Can he pull his socks off by himself?

Me: Yes - he does it all the time.

OT: What about his shoes?

Me: doesn't wear shoes - he's not walking yet, so I haven't bothered with shoes.

OT: Uh..OK. What about brushing his hair. When you brush his hair, will he grab the brush and try to do it himself?

Me: (wondering what kid she was talking about - I mean look at his hair - does it look like I brush it!) have never really tried brushing his hair. (Jim reassured me later that this is not really weird - he says, his head hasn't seen a comb since the early 80's)

OT: Umm..ok. What about songs - does he like it when you sing songs like "Itsy Bitsy Spider" or "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and will he follow along with the hand movements?

Me: (really starting to feel like a neglectful mother) Umm...I have to be perfectly honest with you, I'm not much of a singer. However, (very excited here!) I have tried "Patty Cake" a few times!

Ot: Uh...Well, that's good. Hmmm...well what about the "ABC" song? Maybe you could try that one - do you know how that goes?

Me: (Feeling like a bit of an idiot and desperately wishing I had my university degree with me) Yeah - I could try that one - Don't wory I know how to sing that!

All this left me feeling like I was quite the pathetic mother. Not pathetic enough to actually brush his hair or make the effort to learn more songs. In self-defense, I have to say I have a horrible voice and out of love for my son, there is only so much I can subject the kid too - after all he already has cerebral palsy - the last thing he needs is to listen to me sing! However, I did feel guilty enough to buy him some shoes.

So, today when we left, Bennett's hair was fixed to get rid of the bed head (I didn't use a brush - a wet facecloth seemed to work just fine) - and he was wearing shoes. I was quite impressed with myself - I felt like a normal mother walking around the store with Bennett in the cart, showing off his new haircut, free of bedhead, and his new Diego sandals. He had great fun looking around and flirting with a number of different ladies. No one even told me that he looked tired! (this is another post entirely!).

I was feeling quite proud of myself and patting myself on the back for being such a great mother until we got home and I went to take off his shoes. At this point I realized that I had put them on the wrong feet! Talk about crashing back down to earth. I'm just glad no one noticed, because as all mothers know, there are a lot of people out there that like to point out to you, everything you're doing wrong.

Well, that's my story and my confession. I never did find the glass bottles either - I guess they're sold out. So, on we go with the toxic plastic bottles - at least for one more day. Hey, at least he was WEARING shoes!


grandma said...

Hi Bennett,
I was just reading the last post.
I laughted so hard that I had tears in my eyes.
All I can say to your mom is:
Your grandpa and grandma learned a lot of lessons raising your mommy!
She once put on her shoes on the wrong feet. Grandpa told her that she would be wise to put her shoes on the right way, otherwise she would meet a bear. (must be a first nations legend) Well he should have known better. It was months
before she finally started wearing her shoes on the right feet. She had WANTED to meet a bear! So, the lesson here is to be very careful of what you say to a child and learn to put Bennett's shoes on the right feet.
Grandma and Grandpa

Mummu and Poppa said...

Barbara, you just made my day. I could not stop laughing at all of your situations today, knowing full well that Bennett was just completely happy wearing his new Diego sandals (it is so easy to put them on the wrong foot - been there, done that!)and flirting with all the ladies who caught his eye at Wal Mart. Don't be too hard on yourself. You are a brave soul for venturing forth period. You have made remarkable strides with your own health. God Bless!

Bennett is such a lucky kid to have you for a Mom.

Sometimes, things just don't go as planned, but we survive. Bennett doesn't care if he has to drink from a plastic bottle for one more day as long as he has Mommy or Daddy holding him when he has his bottle. Lucky Dude!

We must count our blessings and you and Bennett and daddy are at the top of the list.

Now, we all know how Mummu sounds when she sings but for some reason Bennett (maybe he is just trying to appease me - he is very smart and knows who does the cooking at this house, ha! ha!) is the ONLY ONE who will pay attention when I sing. Thanks to the OT we can now increase our repertoire to include the songs suggested by her. We usually sang 'You Are My Sunshine, Three Blind Mice, Mary Had A Little Lamb' ... you can tell that Mummu is from the 'old school' ... now it's time for an update. I hope that Bennett is in favour of change. If not, we can always throw a few of the 'oldy goldies' into the mix ... because let us not forget that Bennett is truly a great singer who loves to 'join in'. Tomorrow we will try out the 'New Hit Parade'.

As far as combing Bennett's hair - the OT seems to be the only one interested in 'combed hair' - the rest of us just love his 'boyish good looks' that comes from the tosseled hair.

Anyway Barbara, I will repeat - You Made My Day. Congratulations on your adventure and your achievements.

Enjoy your evening with your little family.

Prayers, love, lots of hugs and kisses.

Mummu and Poppa
xxx ooo xxx ooo xxx ooo

See Mommy and Bennett tomorrow for Physio - big treat for Mummu and Poppa - our first time.

Yes Bowser, you too will come home for the day. We love you lots too.

The Ward Family said...

I was LOL too!!! SO cute. I should blog about all of my mommy "mistakes". Like at the Infant Development eval and they were like "HOW big is Sammy?" he got this look on his face like "dude, what are you talking about?". I said "yeah, I did that with my first but now we sing wheels on the bus." Reality, we sometimes sings that, but we mostly sing and dance to fergie. You are not alone!!!

Anonymous said...

Shoes on the wrong feet. How timely...

When I picked Evan up from day care yesterday, he had just wakened up from nap so I had to put his shoes on him. I got one shoe on, then realized it was on the wrong foot, so I laughed, explained what I had done, and then said, "Silly Mommy!" Evan promptly stood up, grabbed his shoes, and went to Miss Kristen to put them on him. So much for Mommy!!


Kiera Beth said...

Thanks for the laugh! I am right there with you. I shared my ditzy moment on my blog and I agree that you want to have the copy of the diploma next to you just to prove it :) Bennett sounds like he is doing great and do not worry about the hair brushing or the shoes! I love his cute hair!

Jessica said...

Hey. Ya know, I have felt very neglectful as well. An, have had similiar conversations w/ therapists. I think they know which questions to ask to that will ultimately make us feel worse than when we got there. Don't feel so bad. HAHAHAHA Right?!

Jessica said...

I made a few errors in my comment. Forgive me :)

Tara said...

I am thrilled that I am not the only one!! What I mean is when they (therapists/doctors, etc) drill you with all those questions and some of the stuff you've never done or thought to do it does make you feel like a neglectful parent. Sometimes it doesn't seem like there is enough time in the day for all of it!! I had to laugh at the shoes on backwards...I just did that a couple of weeks ago. The bad thing is I never even noticed my mother had to point it out. Oops!!