Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bed Head

To anyone who reads this, I apologize for my long absence. More posts including some serious ones will be coming as well as an update with Bennett's therapy.

In the meantime though, I've noticed that in most pictures my son has bed head. Fortunately, he, like his mother (me) has been gifted with a full head of unruly hair - he has had two hair cuts already (thanks to his wonderful Auntie Bean!). So the full head of hair combined with a bath before bed has led to a case of chronic bed head. Now, I don't really care about the bed head - I find considerable amusement in the variety of shapes bed head can take. When I'm out, I enjoy seeing people with bed head - I figure they are usually well rested, confident people. However, I will not go out with bed head - I resort to a hat or pony tail. Jim too, refuses to go out with bed head - he'll always wear a hat. So even though we don't go out with bed head, we don't hesitate to bring Bennett out with bed head. What does this say about me? I have no idea but I'm curious as to what other people think. Do you go out with bed head, do you care if your kids have bed head, do you think negatively of people who you see in public with bed head?

What do you think?


Colleen said...

Hello guys!

Barbara, just like you, I try not to leave the house with bed head. It looks like we resort to the same remedies...pony tail or hat.

However, I absolutely love when kids have that "crazy, wild, just had the best sleep of their life" hair. It almost makes me jeleous!

So I say...."Hats of to you Bennett" and all you other beautiful children who can get away with the crazy lid!

Love your crazy auntie Bean!

Mummu and Poppa said...

Mummu loves 'bed head' and sports it most of the time, as family members can atest too.

Good for you Bennett. Keep up the 'good hair'. You are just charming no matter what your hair looks like (maybe somepeople -without hair - are jelous ???)

Poppa says if he had hair (... now that's another story, ha! ha!) he would comb it.

Love to all
Mummu and Poppa
xxx ooo xxx ooo

grandma said...

Hi Bennett,
you are very handsome with bedhead or no bedhead. Now, then, it's a different story with your mommy. When she says that she NEVER went out with bedhead she mean't it! Getting ready for school involved taking a shower, which was the only way that she could keep her thick thick mane of hair in order. She never had time to blow dry her hair and went to school with a wet head, which was okay in the spring and fall. A different story in the winter, though. She would go out bare-headed at 50 below F. So, Bennett, remember this story when your mommy gets after you to keep a neat and tidy head but PLEASE, keep a dry head in the winter!!! (30 some years later I am still singing the same song!)
Love you lots, hugs and kisses

The Ward Family said...

If you are that cute you can do whatever you want!!! He is just SO handsome!

Jessica said...

Have you seen Parker's hair?! Poor kid needs a h/c so bad!!!! He makes Bennett's hair look fixed :P

Kiera Beth said...

I love the bed head! I always think it is so cute when the kids are out with the bed head. They look adorable! Keep sharing the pictures- Bennett is a handsome lil' man!