Friday, April 11, 2008

It Could Be A Long Night

Before the accident and before Bennett was born, my plan was to have him sleep in a bassinette beside our bed for the first 3-4 months. However, being in a wheelchair, using a walker or crutches or a cane does not allow you to get up quickly to attend to a crying baby. And once I arrived, there wouldn't be much for me to do as I couldn't pick him up or go anywhere with him.

So, Jim and I decided that a co-sleeper would be the best thing. Bennett has slept beside me now for 15 months. It has worked out very well and I must confess that there is nothing I like better than rolling over and seeing his perfect little face sound asleep - a great way to pass the time on those nights I suffer from insomnia. The problem is that our little guy is becoming quite the expert at getting from a lying position to a sitting position. As a result the co-sleeper is not as safe for him anymore. Finally, we are trying the transition to a crib in his own room.

We started out with having him nap in the crib this week. That has gone very well. But tonight was the first time we tried the crib at bedtime. It did not go well at all- he protested quite loudly and as usual Daddy could only last about two minutes - I can do a lot better - I can usually last 5. Jim resorted to letting him fall asleep in our bed and then bringing him over to the crib - sneaky parents! What will he think when he wakes up? I think that he will not be impressed. We'll have the tv monitor on and we'll see if I can sleep or if I just stay up and watch all night. This is a hard move for me - even though he'll still only be about 25 feet away. I do hope it works out. As much as I love our peanut, it will be nice to have our bedroom back.

Wish us luck!

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Mummu and Poppa said...

Yes, Bennett, you seem to be out-smarting Mommy and Daddy ... for now.

We remember well that Auntie Bean did not want to sleep in her crib either and all things considered - her being the middle child, having red hair and a bit of a temper to go with her Irish background - she won out. After over an hour of her crying (just one night) - what can we say - we sold out and she slept on a single bunk bed surrounded with pillows and against the wall. All was well. She was contented and we all got to sleep.

But Bennett, we know that you are 'a mover and a groover' therefore, that might not be the answer for you.

Mommy and Daddy will find a way that works for all of you
... with Bennett directing the moves. ha! ha!

Bennett you are such a contented and lucky boy having Mommy and Daddy right beside you.

We keep telling Mommy and Daddy how smart you are. How do you know the difference between 'afternoon nap' and 'bedtime'?

Kids (especially Bennett) are amazing aren't they?

The answer we have for Bennett sleeping here ... he sleeps snuggled with Mummu on the king bed surrounded by pillows with the TV on mute. Poppa sleeps downstairs on the chesterfield with Bowser on the floor.

... remember, whatever works for you.

Love and Prayers
Mummu and Poppa
xxx ooo xxx ooo