Thursday, April 17, 2008

MRI Update

Well, Bennett came through the MRI with no problems. He fell asleep within 10 minutes of getting his sedation medication. They strapped him in, covered him with a blanket, put plugs in his ears and slid him in. I was allowed to sit in a rocking chair next to the machine. I think the hardest part was seeing him in the MRI unit - he looked so incredibly small. He woke up about an hour later and despite warnings that he may be fussy, he was his usual happy self.

Now, as Kiera said in the comments below, is the hard part - waiting for the results. I want them to be normal, although I know that is unrealistic and that it won't mean that he doesn't have CP - but still, normal would be good.

Bennett was pretty much spoiled the rest of the day. Not that he was being needy or sucky - more like Mommy & Daddy were. So, he went for a nap with Daddy (rather than the crib) and then slept in the co-sleeper and with us (rather than the crib). He had a nap yesterday in the crib - Daddy was at work, so I could do whatever I wanted. However, he has spent every other night in the co-sleeper. I'm starting to doubt that the boy will ever spend a night in the crib - it's a good thing we got one that converts to a bed.
Tomorrow, he has PT & OT. I'll try to post the milestone update then.
Thank you so much to everyone for your thoughts and prayers - we really appreciate them!


Mummu and Poppa said...

The MRI did not change Bennett's disposition in life - he is still our same 'old blue eyes' who loves to charm his audience with a story and/or a song. He is truely remarkable as the center of attention everyday of his life.

Bennett, we know that you can not do 'everything', but then who can? You are always impressing us, like yesterday when you (for the first time) lifted yourself to a sitting position on the change table. One small step for 'mankind' one giant step for Bennett. Three cheers and for Bennett.

We do not know what the MRI will reveal but we will be with Bennett, Mommy and Daddy the whole way through. With the information from the MRI we should be able to better read Bennett's situation and help him attain his full potential in the days to come.

We are learning to 'go with the flow' with Bennett. He is taking us on a really amazing journey that we could not experience with anyone else. There is only one Bennett in the whole world and we are happy to be apart of his world.

Who has the best belly laughs?
Who has a new story to tell at every meal?
... and is ther anything to compare with eating out on the deck? No Way!!
Who loves to have his belly rubbed and in return rub your belly?
Who is the 'foreman' (sitting in his stroller) on the yardwork jobsite?
(no 'white hat' needed) Bennett.
Who can tell Bowser to stop barking?
Who loves Poppa's bald head best?
Who can dance to fast or slow music on our knee?
Yes, he does not do 'everything' but he can certainly do 'somethings' very well. He allows us to be apart of his love of life. He doesn't miss a trick. Let me repeart - Bennett you are one remarkable dude!!!

Three cheers for Daddy who has managed to put Bennett to sleep in his crib two nights in a row. This is quite an accomplishment for someone who was known as the 'softie'. As a mommy I must stand up for my boy. Good work Daddy.

Prayers, love, hugs and kisses
Mummu and Poppa
xxx ooo xxx ooo xxx ooo

Barbara said...

Thank you for the beautiful comments Mummu - it brought tears to my eyes. My baby boy is pretty special - and your baby boy sure is too. We're lucky to have both of them!

Kiera Beth said...

Just wanted to let you know I am still thinking about you. Do you have the results meeting scheduled? I am here if you want to chat at all. Bennett is a wonderful little guy and so lucky to have you as parents!