Thursday, October 23, 2008

Party Guy

Bennett has a busy social calendar - much busier than mine. However, that really isn't saying much considering my life. This past weekend, he attended a birthday party on Saturday and then had a play date with Kasia on Sunday. He had great time at both. I remembered my camera on Saturday but forgot to bring it on Sunday.

The picture above is Bennett and Daddy. In the bottom right hand corner, you can see the side of Sam's face - everytime I tried to take a picture he turned his head so it's difficult to see how extremely handsome he is. He was not the birthday boy but is the son of my good friend Tiffany.

In the video below you can enjoy an exciting game of hot potato. Unfortunately, it is cut off at the best time - another victim of my pathetic camera skills.


Kiera Beth said...

I love the game of hot potato! That is so cute! Bennett did not want to give that potato up :)

Barbara said...

Kiera - I hope you were on your way to bed for what was a blissful night of sleep! Bennett had a good night again but our sleeping arrangements have not returned to normal. Bennett and Jim are in bed and I'm on the couch.

Bonnie said...

I hear the couch is good - when you're tired! I loved looking at Bennett thinking he should eat the potato! Hope you get some more good nights of sleep.
Auntie Bonnie

Erin said...

So cute, not sure if Sean would play that game yet. He does love ring around the rosies though:)