Sunday, October 19, 2008

Busy Guy

I’m tired – especially by the end of the day. Jim is greeted at the door on a regular basis with my enthusiastic and slightly desperate cry of, “Thank God you’re home!” The main source of my exhaustion these days is my precious but precocious little boy. He’s not walking yet but he crawls fast and is pulling up everywhere. He has figured out every door, drawer and cupboard in the house. It seems nothing escapes his attention. Examples of his latest antics include:

Bennett loves to empty drawers and sometimes if I'm lucky he’ll even refill them. He also likes to take stuff from one place and then put it somewhere else. Like the day he took everything from the bottom drawer of the change table and put it all in the laundry hamper.

He also likes to go into the fridge or a drawer and pull out one item to amuse himself. One day he found a can of mushroom soup and proceeded to roll it around the house for about 15 minutes. I know there’s a lot that can done with a can of mushroom soup but this particular game never occurred to me. I guess it shows my complete lack of imagination!

Throwing stuff down the stairs has also turned into a fun game. He seems to enjoy the excited reaction this gets from mommy each and every time.

I believe that Bowser and Bennett have begun to conspire behind my back as well. Bowser has been wearing Bennett’s socks to prevent him from licking his paws. Bennett thinks it’s great fun to pull them off and Bowser seems to agree! I think Bowser might be starting to believe that this Bennett guy is not so bad after all.

Bennett has also started closing the door behind him when he goes into a room – something I didn’t think he would start until his teens. The other day he went into the bathroom and closed the door. When I opened the door I found him sitting on the floor happily licking the toilet plunger! That certainly provides new meaning to the term “potty mouth”!

Disclaimer: This post is in NO WAY a complaint! It is a celebration of a little boy doing exactly what a little boy his age should be doing – driving his mother crazy! However, that doesn’t include the plunger incident – that’s just gross!!!


Anonymous said...

what can I say!!!

THAT'S MY BOY!!!!!!!!!!

Bennett's Grandma

North Dakota Ward's said...

So cute! Go Bennett go! It is wonderful that he is getting into everything. Him and Sammy could get into all sort of trouble.

Kara said...

When you finally figure out how to keep him out of the drawers, please let me know!!

(And who knew a dog in socks could be so darn cute????)

Mummu and Poppa said...

A mother's job - to organize the cupboards and drawers.
A baby boy's job - to rearrange everything he can get his hands on (including Bowser's paw covers) - priceless!

As grandparents (who have been there) we say 'Go Bennett Go!'
We have waited along time for this day to come. It is always so much more fun when it is happening to our offspring - payback time!

Before you know it Bennett will be into 'new stuff' - maybe even bigger and better like taking the bedding off his crib or 'stricking it rich' in his closet. Bennett, you certainly have some 'good stuff' in there.

Little boys just have no end to what they can get into. That's why little boys are so much more fun (never a dull moment) than little girls (the little princesses we want to believe they are (not))! Ha! Ha!

Let the games begin - or should we say continue - since Bennett seems to get into everything.

What a great kid!

Keep up the good work and God Bless!

Love, hugs and kisses

Mummu and Poppa
xxx ooo xxx ooo

Bonnie said...

I loved the pictures and hearing of Bennett's inquisitive mind - such a blessing. I'm sure it can drive you nuts on a good day.

I laughed about Bennett taking Bowser's paw-socks off. Do you remember when you put a sock on Bennett's good hand to force him to develop fine motor skills with his less developed hand? I'm sure he remembers and is trying to save Bowser from this. He knows the "secret" of freedom. How wonderful that he is sharing!

Now Jim - isn't it wonderful to be greeted at the door with "Thank God you're home!"

I am so grateful that Bennett is getting into things. Have you tried those drawer locks that can keep things closed for you?

Lots of love,
Auntie Bonnie

Dawn said...

Oh my gosh! Great post, except for the potty mouth hehe. Too darn funny! It sounds like Bennett is doing AWESOME!! Keep up the great work!

Lisa said...

When it comes to children I have next to no experience (at that age) but I do have a bit of experience with dogs.

Once his meds are done, if he still licks his feet - try a change of diet. I've heard a lot of good stuff about Hill's Premium Diet - sold by veterinarians. It is expensive but the peace of mind is worth it. It might work for him. You might to at least want to give him another - less allergenic dog food a try. I know that there is a local naturopath and an acupunturist in town who will work with Bennett - for a fee of course - but if desperation sets in it might be an option worth considering.

As for Bennett - I think locks are a good idea although you may stiffle his organizational skills some. Ha! Ha!

Auntie Gates