Friday, October 17, 2008

At Least the Day's Half Done....

What a 12 hours it has been.

Warning - this is a bit of a continuation of yesterday's whine.

We were pretty tired last night - it's been a rough week with all the peeing going on around here. We had just fallen asleep when we heard Bowser peeing again at 12:30am. So we got up - Jim cleaned the pee and I mopped the floor. We got back to bed at 1am. At 1:15am Bennett woke up and decided that it was time to start the day. He continued his efforts to convince us that it was a good idea to be awake until 6am when he and Jim finally fell asleep in the chair. Meanwhile, I was looking at apple pie recipes online and Bowser peed (sp?) a couple more times outside - not in the house thankfully.

We slept until 9:30 then anxiously rushed to see the orthotic guy at the hospital about Bennett's brace. It was a strange and infuriating appointment as this arrogant guy who may have been having a bad day proceeded to yell at and belittle us and our physiotherapist. We haven't been treated that badly by a "medical professional" in a long time. It left both of us in shock as we weren't sure how to respond. I don't even want to go into what was said because it's all so riduculous but I'll summarize by saying that he insisted his brace was fine. So, we're back to square one but hopefully the shoe modification will work.

Anyway, I'm not sure I'm looking forward to the rest of the day. However, I remain determined to make that damn apple pie.......


Anonymous said...

Hi Bennett,
has your mommy made that damned apple pie yet? Can you influence her to save a couple of pieces for grandma and grandpa???
Lots of love, hugs and kisses
grandma and grandpa

Barbara said...

Back off the pie, lady! By the time I get the thing made I won't be in any mood to share with anyone!

Aren't you supposed to be making pumpkin pies?

Kara said...

Mmmmmmm....all this talk of pie is making me hungry....

I can sympathize - my bad days usually come in clusters too, the kind that try to whack you down to where you can't get up anymore. Luckily, I am as stubborn as you and refuse to give in!

When all else fails, baking something always makes me feel better too. (Um, well, except last week when I burned my pumpkin pie and then dropped the entire thing right back into the oven. Bad words were said...)

North Dakota Ward's said...

Why do these braces have to be so hard! We meet with our doctor next Wednesday to figure out what we should do about the brace too. You would think that they would have this down to a science by now. Give you the brace, it works wonderfully for your child and they start walking. That hasn't been the case for us either.

Lisa said...

I wish I could just slip into your life and take over all your worries for awhile. Staying in the present is the last thing you want to think about when the moment seems to be overwhelming you, hey!

I'm a terrible pastry cook and cannot make your apple pie, but I can listen and offer my support in whatever way you would like.

Austin said he can fix that pesty trim too - no problem. Let him know if there are other pesty jobs that need doing and he'll come and spend some time getting them out of the way.

Someone who is very very good at staying present, is - you guessed it - Bennett......... his bright and beautiful smile in the middle of all these challenges are a reminder that he is here to teach us.

When you get that pie made, I recommend you make sure you are alone, take the phone off the hook, put Bennett to bed and take your pie and a fork and indulge yourself - You Deserve It!

Lisa said...

Hi Again,

I noticed my comments are published under the name of Lisa for some reason. Does anyone know why this is happening and how I can change it. This blog technology is a challenge for me that is for sure.

Auntie Gates

Anonymous said...

qclfHi Benett,
tell you auntie Gates (Lisa) to keep her nose out of the apple pie.
I haven't had home-made apple pie in a matter of fact, why doesn't your auntie make a couple.....she is a better cook than I am.
Lots of love and kisses
PS Barbara,
you'll get your damned pumpkin pie that you won't eat when I'm good and ready

Anonymous said...

Just so you know Barbara isn't whining ... if that guy was in the army his name would be major ... Major Asshole!

Daddy aka Jim

Kiera Beth said...

OK, Drew had to chime in on this one. He had a question which was "Canadians yell? Does that go @#*&#%$ - aye?" :) (mind you, this is coming from a Minnesotan)

I cannot believe how rude some people can be. Luckily they are usually few and far between, so hopefully you et someone a little more understanding next time.

That was very sweet of Bennett to be so persistent that you should be awake to see the stars out! Reichen did that earlier this week and I gave him and he and I had a 2am Baby Einstein movie night.

I hope that things get better for you soon!

That is a cute picture of Jim and Bennett snuggling together!

Barbara said...

Kiera, it's pretty funny that I see your comment now at 1:40 am about watching TV with our boys!

Tell Drew Canadians do yell - I sure felt like it today but my shock and exhaustion helped keep my anger in check. And he's right - it is often ended with "eh"!

southern Barbara said...

Grandma sounds cranky, too. Could Bowser go spend a couple of nights with her?