Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Story About A Man Called Intrepid….

...and his mother who was called Decrepit! Now that Bennett is crawling, he is wasting no time. I turned my back on him for a minute this morning and found him at the end of the hallway heading into his room. He likes to knock over the lamp (not sure what to do about this), throw his trucks past the gate and down the stairs and climb between the rungs of his high chair.

He has certainly become more high maintenance in the last couple of weeks and I must say that although it can be a painful chore keeping up to him, I couldn’t be more delighted! It is wonderful to watch him explore his world on his own terms rather than hanging out wherever mommy placed him.

Who knows where our intrepid little explorer will go next. I just hope his decrepit mother can follow!


Bonnie said...

I am just so thrilled to see Bennett crawling around. I know it could be a growing headache for you - but I can appreciate how happy you are to see him crawling - no matter how much effort it is to keep up. And they are sooo quiet when they find some interesting thing to get into eh? I loved the story re the shoes. Fear not - I'm sure there are many moms out there who experienced the same things.

Know you are all in my heart and prayers.

Much love,
Auntie Bonnie
p.s. Quebec City is just beautiful - so much history - and so little English spoken. It is a surprise for me to find so many who speak no English - and then I think - well, you are not so great in French yourself!

grandma said...

Hi Bennett,
you visited with grandma and grandpa yesterday. I must say that you are much braver than your mommy!!! She refuses to even put one foot in my sewing room (my paradise). Well, yesterday you tried to make a foray into my chamber of horrors. I turned around when I heard your hands going slap, slap, slap on the floor and when you saw me coming you just put yourself into overdrive!
You almost made it to the middle of the room before I could scoop you up. Now the door is closed when you come to visit. I giggle every time I picture you heading for the sewing room. You were a determined man on a mission, full steam ahead!
We are so excited to see you crawling and getting into trouble. You wore us out yesterday, but it
was wonderful and we enjoyed every second of it!
With love, hugs and kisses,

Mummu and Poppa said...

We got what we prayed for.

We are so thankful, grateful and thrilled for Bennett's crawling -which has lead to his inquisitivness around every 'nook and corner'.

He wants to know how things (like his play telephone and everything else he touches) are put together and how they work. Thank goodness he does not yet have the strength to take things apart but he certainly examines them with a keen eye. One day daddy and Bennett will no doubt go into business together or Bennett might grow up and give Mike Holmes - Holmes on Homes - a run for his money. Ha! Ha!

Today, (Mummu and Poppa's day with Bennett), Poppa put up the top of the stairs gate and the swing. Covers for the electrical outlets will be up before his next visit. Bennett, you really do boogie. You are such a busy body and we are so happy.

... and let us not forget to mention you haircut from Auntie Bean. It's hard to imagine but you have had four cuts since your first birthday. You are not yet one-and-a-half. With that new do you are adorable, busy and a cutie full of charm.

We love to see you and Bowser come to visit and we hate to see you go home. Of course, Bowser is staying and having some 'Mummu and Poppa time'.

We hope that all of you have a wonderful sleep in the trailer - the fresh air does wonders!

God Bless and lots of love
Mummu and Poppa and Bowser
xxx ooo xxx ooo xxx ooo

Jessica said...

YAY Bennett!!!!!!!! So very amazing. Watch out, they don't get any slower from here. Would you like to watch Parker for a day? He's proof. :)

Lisa said...

That hallway really makes you realize that he's 'on the go'. Go baby, go!!!! Discovering the world on his terms! What a delight!

Kind of makes me feel like this is the first step in 'letting go' or is it 'keeping up'? I have seen him crawl but not far. Can't wait to see him boogie along - a whole new world is just around the corner and the next and the next, and the................

What a thrill this all is, hey!!??

Auntie Gates

Dawn said...

Sounds like a great problem to have! WTG Bennett!