Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Just like with our mothers, Jim and I really lucked out in the father department too. Both men have been a constant in our lives and although very different, have been excellent role models for us. This is not a comment on working mothers vs stay at home mothers but Jim and I both enjoyed and benefited from stay at home moms. And our moms were able to stay home because our fathers worked hard outside the home. The rest of their time was devoted to their families.

Both of us have many memories of spending time with our dads growing up. Jim and his dad enjoyed fishing, riding dirt bikes and of course his dad attended every hockey game. I remember going to hockey games with my father and finding a perfectly balanced lunch (usually included a highly polished apple) ready to go every morning.

More recently, Jim has relied on his dad to help with many home renovations and with putting baby stuff together – usually at the last minute. I personally am always relieved when Keith arrives to help out because I know the job will get done with a lot less swearing and drama.

In the last year and a half my father has been thrust into the role of one of my primary caregivers. He would show up at our house at 6am to look after me after Jim left and stay until my personal support worker came a few hours later. During this time, he had to do many things that I’m sure he never envisioned doing for his 37 year old daughter. Things like helping me get out bed, emptying and cleaning my commode, propping me in my wheelchair, and helping me with my underwear.

Once again, we know how lucky we are to have such wonderful mothers and fathers who love each other and their children unconditionally. Both parents have provided a wonderful example of marriage as well as parenting. We can only hope to do the same for Bennett.

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