Thursday, June 12, 2008

Problem Solver

Below is a video of Bennett eating his breakfast. You'll notice the sock on his left hand - we do this as a form of constraint therapy to force him to use his right hand. We've noticed a lot of improvement just using this simple technique. Things didn't start out too promising though. The first time we did it, he would just lick the cheerios off his tray rather than make the effort to pick them up. At first, this upset me until I thought of it another way - it was in many ways a great demonstration of problem solving skills. After a couple days of licking the cheerios he started to pick them up - at first it was very clumsy, but now he has developed a pretty good pincer grasp with his right hand.

I don't have a video showing him eating cereal but I have this one of him eating his toast. It's not a great example of how he has improved with his right hand, but it's cute.


Mel said...

Yeah Bennett!

My little guy is a lefty too! Luckily, we have had great success with the technique you mentioned. Also, Kinesio tape helped him tremendously.

Mummu and Poppa said...

Great video - great progress - and Bennett is so happy!

The old saying is that a contented baby is a happy baby and that only leads to a 'happy mommy and daddy'!

Bennett, we bet that you find breakfast rewarding no matter what hand(s) you are using - especially when Gradpa comes to help out with the feeding!

The sock is an excellent way for Bennett to get the idea of using his 'other hand'.

We have seen him pick-up the food with his socked hand and chow down.
Deperate times call for desperate measures. Maybe Mummu and Poppa are just too slow with the 'grub'.

When a boy is hungry nothing will stand between him and his food.

... but Bennett seems to know the purpose of the sock and he adjusts and enjoys accordingly.

Keep up the 'good work' everyone!

Bennett, we will see you after physio this morning and have you for the afternoon.

... and yes, Mummu and Poppa did buy some 'bubbles' ... fun for everyone!

Love and Prayers
Mummu and Poppa
xxx ooo xxx ooo xxx ooo

North Dakota Ward's said...

GOOD JOB BENNETT!!! He is using that hand SO great!!!

Bonnie said...

I laughed out loud when I read how creative you are Bennett. Who would have thought of "licking" the cheerios off the tray? Great problem-solving skills there, my dear. I'm proud of you! (and proud of your mom and dad letting you work it out)