Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Auntie Gates!

Hey - today (June 15th) we kind of share a birthday. I am 18 months old (offically 1.5 years) and you are....well....uh....let's just say....older than me!

I hope you have a wonderful day. Enjoy the pictures - one is from when I was really young (one month) and the other is from not long ago, when you were learning how to change my diaper.

Oh yeah....mommy and daddy say Happy Birthday too!


Mummu and Poppa said...

Happy Birthday Auntie Gates!

As we age, we are just happy to be alive especially with Bennett in the picture.

Young - Old they are just words. George Burns.

Have a great day and enjoy in joy!

Mummu and Poppa

Lisa said...

Thanks to all for the birthday wishes. Fifty eight is not a magic number and it is a darn big one!!!!!!!!........and getting bigger!!! ....... hopefully!!!!!

I am very grateful for all the beautiful people and animals in my life. I am particularly thrilled about having you Bennett in my life. You are a daily gift and reminder to me of how beautiful life is. Happy 1 1/2 birthday little buddy!!!! Big kisses and hugs to you too.

Antie Gates