Saturday, May 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Again!'s a busy many ladies, so many birthdays! Happy Birthday to Cousin Lucy! I hope you have a great day. Oh yeah...what are you having for supper?


Mummu and Poppa said...

Happy Birthday Lucy. Hope Henry has thought of doing something 'extra special' for you on your special day.

Keith and Aline

grandma said...

Hi Bennett,
hope you don't mind if we use your blog to wish Juicy Lucy a very happy birthday! She doesn't look a day over 29! (HAHAHAHEHEHEHAHHHEEHAWWWWWW--SNORT-HHHHEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAWWWWWW.
I won't tell her real age. (I do have a heart)

I was so happy to hear from grampa that you are feeling better today. You ripped the heart out of us whenever you were crying or whimpering. (Or was that grampa whimpering) It was quite a sight to see last night. You were crying and grandpa was crying because you were crying and hurting. It is such a helpless feeling when a baby cries and can't tell you what is wrong!
But, after a while, you quit crying and you were in a more cheerful mood. You sure love your books because a book is about the only thing that will help you stop crying. You do love those books!!!
You gave me a lot of big kisses, wet ones and dry ones, when you left with mommy and daddy.
We love you so much.
Love, lots of kisses, hugs and more kisses.
grandma & grandpa

Cuzzin Lucy said...

Thanks Bennett...I saved you some cake but when I heard you were under the weather I had to sacrifice and eat it myself. Not to worry maybe I take you out for ice cream at dairy queen to make up for it.
Luv ya

I was nice of your mummu and poppa to wish me Happy Birthday also...but quite passing the word around. I only celebrate every 3 years now.

And that gramma of yours well we will get here for her comments. hehehehe now who is laughing.