Thursday, May 8, 2008

Constraint Therapy...

...or our version of it. Constraint therapy is something that is done quite a bit in some places to help kids with hemiplegia gain function in their affected hand. Sometimes a cast or splint is used to immobilize the normal hand so they are forced to use the affected side. Apparently they don't do that very much where we live but our occupational therapist was excited to try this modified version of it. What we do is put a sock on Bennett's left hand during mealtimes (part of it) and during some of our playtime. We've been doing this for a couple of weeks now and we've noticed a definite improvement. He now eats his entire breakfast with his right hand and can pick up cheerios quite easily. We've even seen him pick up food with his right hand when he didn't have the sock on the left!

I was worried that he would get frustrated but he hasn't at all. He thinks it's a great game and will reach up with his hand to help me put the sock on.

I apologize for my long absence and the lack of updates. We have been busy around here with lots of therapy appointments. Bennett also had his first ear infection. That was a bit scary as the kid has never really been sick. We have received the initial results from the MRI and I plan to give an update about that soon - I'm still just trying to wrap my head (and heart) around it all.

Enjoy the videos!


North Dakota Ward's said...

WOW!!! That is great news. He is doing so well. I have been thinking about you guys and how the MRI results went. We are all here for you remember that. But I understand having to process it all!!

grandma said...

Hi Bennett,
I hope that you are having a good time over at mummu's and popa's house. We will be seeing you on Saturday? or sunday? Well, I'm sure that someone will tell me when.
On Tuesday you came to visit with us for the whole day. It was such fun. You and I had a good 2 hour nap. You napped for 2 hours and I watched you sleeping for an hour of that. You are soooooooo sweet and lovable. Your face changes from one expression to another when you sleep. No wonder I'm entertained! We gave you lunch after you woke up and then we played for a while on the living room floor. You are all over the place now, what with you sitting and rolling you sure cover a whole lot of space. You surprised us too! You were on all fours rocking back and forth then all of a sudden you took 2 steps/crawls (?)and then you did the same thing at your house!!! We were so thrilled. We played with a bubble wand outside and then took you for a little ride in your new wagon. YOU LOVED THAT. We had fun on our lawn swing too. You didn't want to go to grampa at all you wanted to stay on the swing with grandma. For a while I believed that it was ME you wanted. I should have known better because you are a real gandpa's boy and it was his lap you wanted when we got off the swing.
I was delighted that you got into your kissing mood!!! You are such a good kisser, wet or dry!
On thursday we went to the children's treatment center. You were sooo good. You were there for an hour for your therapy. Grampa and I were very impressed by your long attention span. You did very well. (as we knew you would)
Grandpa and grandma will see you and mummu's and poppa's house. We will celebrate your daddy's birthday. Yes, more birthdays!
Lots and lots of love, kisses and hugs.

Kiera Beth said...

That is great! Thanks for sharing the videos! Bennett is so cute! I am thinking of you with the MRI results. That is always a hard time.

Reichen starts constraint on Tuesday with the full cast. We are wondering how he will handle being casted. Keep us posted on Bennett and know we are here when you want to talk.

Thanks also to Bennett's Grandma for the nice note on my blog. It brings joy to my heart to know how many people think of Reichen. Our kids are so special and it is great to have such support!