Saturday, March 1, 2008

I Think We Need a Kleenex

Today was Bennett’s second physio appt. Once again it went well despite the fact that our boy was not at his best. He is currently getting over his first chest cold and tired about 40 minutes into the session. The therapist reminded us that it is still a great accomplishment as many babies his age have a hard time making it to 40 minutes.

She noticed a definite improvement with him taking weight on his hands and knees and in rolling back and forth into a sitting position, so I guess this week’s work has paid off. We are to continue with this exercise and the stretches.

We have been given two more exercises to do over the next couple of weeks. The first one is a modified baby sit up that consists of us laying him on outstretched legs and pulling him up slowly, letting him do most of the work. This will help strengthen the arm and trunk muscles on the right side. Bennett enjoys this as it closely resembles a favourite game. The other exercise is in the video. This one will strengthen his leg and hip muscles and help with standing. Jim will be responsible for this exercise as we cannot figure out a way for me to do it as it requires kneeling behind him.

The place Bennett goes to for physio is located in an old school. They do outpatient treatments as well as regular classroom activities for children that are not ready to join a mainstream school yet. While we were there yesterday an announcement came over the P.A. system. My first thought was “oh, oh, someone’s in trouble and getting called to the principal’s office”. However, after listening a little more carefully I quickly realized that it wasn’t that type of announcement at all. Instead this is what we heard:

“We would just like to congratulate Sophie from Mrs. Smith’s class. Sophie can now get dressed and undressed all by herself. Congratulations Sophie!”

With that announcement, we stopped to clap and could hear clapping and cheering coming from the other rooms as well. Needless, to say my eyes quickly filled with tears as I thought of how proud she must be along with her parents and therapists and how wonderful it was that we all stopped for a moment to help celebrate this wonderful accomplishment!

I think I need a Kleenex.


Mummu and Poppa said...

We take so much for granted that we seldom think of the 'talent' needed to dress and undress oneself.

Let us take a moment and give thanks.

Love, prayers, hugs and kisses
Mummu and Poppa
xxx ooo xxx ooo xxx ooo

Anonymous said...

I'm just trying to comment.

Mummu and Poppa said...

Bennett: You surely are inquisitive. Are you looking under the table to see just how this all comes together so when you get home you can take a hammer and build yourself one? You are going to start at a very early age to be 'daddy's little helper'. Inquisitive minds always want to know. He seems to be an eager learner.
Love, prayers, hugs and kisses
Mummu and Poppa
xxx ooo xxx ooo xxx ooo

grandma said...

Hi Bennett,
we looked after you yesterday which is always a treat. You are such a good little guy! You gave us cause to celebrate yesterday. You went from a sitting position to being on your hands and knees amd you even crawled a little bit. Grandpa was sooo excited! I thought that I would have to pluck him off the ceiling. Of course, you thought that it was a great trick and just laughed and celebrated along with us. I put you on your hands and knees and you stayed in that position for about 15 seconds or so. You did that twice. WHOOOOOOWEEEEEEEEE. WHAT A GUY! We all went over to aunt Gaetanne and uncle Austin's for breakfast this morning. You had a great time in the bedroom admiring youself in the mirrored doors. You figured out how to open the door and tried to peek behind the mirror. I guess you were trying to figure out who the cute kid was and how come there were 2 mommies, grandmas and aunties in the room. As usual, auntie took lots and lots of pictures of you. You really enjoyed your visit. We really hope that your cold goes away soon. It breaks my heart to hear you cough and sneeze.
Lots of love, hugs and kisses