Thursday, February 28, 2008

Comments and a Funny Story

I apologize to whoever reads this blog on a regular basis for not posting in a few days. This week has been tough – a lot of legal crap going on.

Anyway, I want to thank the grandparents and those wonderful “great” aunts for your beautiful comments posted below. Your love and support mean so much to us. I don’t know how we would’ve gotten through this last year and half without you!

I also want to thank those of you who sent me comments on the blog via email or in person. It’s nice to know that you will be following along these next few months.

For anyone that wants to comment but doesn’t know how – I’m not 100% sure either. However, what I believe you need to do is click on the word “comments”. In the new screen that comes up you can type your comment. I think you need to start a google account first. This doesn’t cost anything or mean anything – it just allows you to comment. I love to read the comments and hope to print them out and start a journal for Bennett.

Funny Story

Bowser is a sweet, gentle, good natured dog that will be turning 11 years old soon. An old man by doggie standards – but don’t tell him that – he still thinks he’s a puppy. This morning, my father was here watching Bennett (which he does every morning to help me out) while I was hobbling around trying to get caught up on some basic housework. He called me over to help get something out of Bennett’s mouth. We had no idea what it was as all he had access to were his toys. Since he can’t crawl or walk yet, I don’t have to worry much about him getting into stuff. Anyway, after prying his little jaws open, I discovered a dog kibble that had been well chewed and sucked on. It turns out that my generous dog had brought him the kibble when we weren’t looking! Nice of him to share. I guess he figured it was the least he could do as Bennett insists on sharing with him during every meal by throwing food all over the kitchen from his high chair.

We have another physio appt. tomorrow. I’ll post an update then. I also promise to post Part 2 of Our Story. For those of you who know what happened next, you’ll know why I’m reluctant to put my experience into words. However, it’s an important part of the story.


Colleen said...

To my courageous and strong sister in ever loving and helpful brother, my cutest little bowser dog, and of course...the most handsome, loveable nephew a gal could ask for.....

Iam so happy that all of you have decided to share your story with us and with many others who may benefit from your absolutely remarkable journey. I feel so blessed to be part of this family. Although it has been a struggle at times for all of you, your love and strength seems to pull you through and even make you stronger. I am not only amazed by your love for Bennett, but also the loving bond between the two of you which has only grown deeper with all of your challenges. You are wonderful partners and amazing parents!

Bennett...I just want to remind you how much your mommy and daddy love you! They would move heaven and earth for you....I think we all would! You have brought such joy and happiness to all of our lives...especially mine! Your genuine smile and giggles tug at my heart strings every time I see you! (might I add you look very grown up and handsome in the pictures your mommy has posted)

lots of love to all of you!
big hugs and kisses for my little man!

p.s. Bowser...stop feeding Bennett your dog food!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bennett,
we can hardly wait to hear how your physio appointment went this morning. You have made so much progress since your first one. We hope to go with you on your next appointment so we can learn how to help you and your mom and dad.
Remember these words, kibble is for doggies (most of the time) and people food is for people (most of the time). You belong in the people category.
Lots of love, hugs and kisses,
Grandma and Grandpa

grandma said...

Hi Bennett,
it's me, anonymous again. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong when I send comments. But that's me. Just as soon as I figure out that I've got it, it turns out that I never had it to begin with or I can't remember if I ever did have it. And, just what the heck is the "it" that I thought I had but don't. I'm soooo confused. However,I'm harmless, so don't let that scare you. What matters is that I'm full of love for you.
Love, hugs and kisses from Grandma.

Mummu and Poppa said...

Hi Bennett, Barbara, Jim and Bowser

Mummu is having difficulty with sending messages this way and I thought that i would try my luck.

Great idea posting the blog


Mummu and Poppa said...

Greetings and love to everyone.

Just like Grandma (Anonymous) we too are having difficulty sending a message on the Blog, but we, like Grandma, shall hopefully soon overcome.

Barbara ... We were not one bit surprised to hear that you were trying to become pregnant before you and Jim married. The coming together of two people truly in love is the greatest gift two can share. We also want to thank you for accepting Jim's proposal and becoming a most welcomed member of our family. By doing this we share our 'baby boy', Jim, and your newest 'baby boy, Bennett'. Since the birth of Bennett we have noticed a 'mellowing' in you and your face shines each time Bennett smiles at you or turns the page of the book you are reading to him. There is a special bond between a mommy and 'her baby boy'. Let me tell you, I know all about it.

Jim ... We are so proud of you. You have 'come up to the bat' and stood by Barbara during her pregnancy and recouperating - all the extenuating circumstances that you both have shared. You are the 'best daddy ever' and Bennett is certainly your bundle of joy - or should we say arm full of joy. We see your face light up when you come into a room and see Bennett looking at you. Your hugs and kisses mean everything to him. He knows who his Daddy is. Remember holding him and making sure that he ate enough formula to gain his needed weight (since he was allowed home at under 5 lbs)? These things make for 'the best daddy ever'.

We do not know what the future holds for any of us but we do believe in miracles (look - we have Bennett and Barbara - to everyones delight!) and we ask that you all pray for complete recovery for Barbara and Bennett.

Bennett ... Whatever is worth having is worth fighting for and you know that YOU are worth the world in 'lucky charms'. Your mommy and daddy and extended family all love you so much and we would all do anything for you. You are wished a lifetime of blessings.

Jim and Barbara ... All the effort put into conceiving Bennett was so worth it. Your dream come true. Yes, I believe that there are lucky stars (angels) and when you send up a special request to God's ears a miracle occurs - BENNETT! You still share this 'special love' and now you can extend it to and with 'himself', Bennett.

Bowser is a story-onto-himself!
He really believes (at times) that he is apart of our family - Keith and I ... but then when his 'little family' comes to pick him up he is the first at the Van. Dogs are like that - he who feeds him is his friend forever.
The funny part is that we also believe many times that he is ours and we leave him in the excellent care and his 'little family' while we holiday in Florida. Ha! Ha! He is such a good friend and watchdog for Bennett and a buddy to the rest of us. He is a very loving dog.

Well now we hope that this gets to you and all our love comes with it.

God Bless to everyone - Bennett, Barbara, Jim, Grandma and Grandpa, Auntie Colleen, Auntie Bonnie and Auntie Gaetan. - love, prayers, hugs and kisses.
xxx ooo xxx ooo xxx ooo xxx ooo


Bonnie said...

I've not been able to be on the Blog to see your progress until tonight, Bennett. Wow - you've done wonders! I loved watching you hammering away. Now - all we have to do is get you a nice pot with a wodden spoon so you can make "music" for mom and dad!

Know I am surrounding you all with love and light and prayers.
Auntie Bonnie