Saturday, March 22, 2008

Still on Vacation

We're still here in Florida on our holiday. Jim and Bennett have both been sick but are feeling better. Unfortunately, our normally happy baby has been a bit grumpy but is coming around. We're having a good time - spending a lot of time in the pool and enjoying the company of our great hosts! Bennett has been swimming most days and has started a daily ritual of walking around the block with his great uncle Ed. We leave Monday - another 2600 km!

Here are the pictures you requested Grandma.

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grandma said...

Hi Bennett,
you are sooo cute in that inflated toy. We might be able to keep you in the lake a little longer this summer. Lake is not as warm as a pool but it's great just the same.
You sure look like a very happy boy hanging around with
your mummu and daddy in the pool. Maybe your neighbours at home will invite us to swim in their swimming pool?
Tell your mommy thank you very much for sending me more pictures and videos. I LOVE GETTING THEM. So does your aunt Gates.
Love you lots, hugs and kisses