Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Easter Rewind

I thought I would go way back to the beginning of the month and add a couple more pictures and a video from Easter weekend. Above you can see some of the Easter egg magnets that Bennett made for family members. He worked really hard on these over the course of a week. The only thing we did was put the name on the egg - Bennett did the rest.

On the Sunday we went to Jim's parents for dinner. It was a beautiful day and Bennett was able to drive his red car all over the yard - of course, his favourite co-pilot Mummu was never too far - which was good as he still needs some help with the steering.

Bennett then decided to hang out with his other favourite co-pilot in Poppa's Jeep. Those are two happy boys!


Anonymous said...

I think daddy and Bennett need a jeep of their own.

Bennett .... well maybe dad helped to type

Barbara said...

I don't think either of you NEED a Jeep. I will agree though that you both WANT one....