Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Birthday Party

Bennett attended a birthday party on the weekend for the son of a friend. The festivities were held at a gymnastics club. It's the second party we've been to there and I think I've decided that it will be the location for Bennett's next birthday. It's a great place where the kids can run around, climb and jump.

There is a long trampoline that the kids can run on. At the end is a big pit of sponges to jump into. Bennett loved running on the mat but refused to jump into the pit despite repeated demonstrations from the birthday boy.

Bennett tried hard to jump on the trampoline like the other kids. He was very convincing -bending and then standing up with his hands over his head! The video above isn't the greatest because as usual I turned the camera on too late. I told his physiotherapist about his efforts so she's going to work with him on the trampoline to see if we can get some real jumping!

Funny Story - Bennett loves to flirt and make new friends and he made a special one at the party. My friend's grandmother is a wonderful woman who is now 88. Bennett of course recognized her charm right away and proceeded to flirt with her for the entire party - stopping to smile and wave every time he ran by and then giving her a big hug after lunch. Before I left I was speaking with her and she asked me to come and visit her some time. I told her I would love to but thought she would be pretty busy. Without a blink she quickly agreed and told me I would probably have to make an appointment! I laughed so hard - I hope so much that I'm half as busy when I'm 88!


Kiera Beth said...

WOW! Bennett is getting so big! I cannot believe how grown up he looks in the picture!

That place looks wonderful & a great play/therapy location! It is obvious how much fun he is having.

Before my Grandma died a couple of years ago, she would do the same thing with her social schedule. I would always tease her because we would try to get together for dinner and have to schedule it weeks out to accommodate church, investment club, bridge club, meals on wheels, etc... I always told her that I wanted to be that active in my 80s!

Erin said...

He is so cute! I'd love to be flirted with by him one day. :P It seems like quite the honour!

Barbara said...

Kiera - I can only dream of that level of activity! Maybe you get busier as you get older? Right now if I have more that 2 appointments in a week, I get stressed!

Erin - I have no doubt that Bennett would flirt with you - he has special attraction for girls in their late teens as well as girls over 80! You'd probably get tired of waving to him though after about the 200th time!