Thursday, November 12, 2009

We've been having a stretch of beautiful fall weather here. We took advantage of it on the weekend and went for a walk in one of our local parks. Bennett had a great time and was pooped by the time we got home. In two of the pictures you can see some woman checking him out -I'm assuming it's because he's so cute in that hat. You can also see a picture of me stealing a smooch. He's pretty good at giving out kisses but sometimes I have to steal one.


Anonymous said...

Maybe she wasn't checking Bennett out!

Jim aka dah dah

Kara said...

I think it's safe to say she was checking out Bennett in that TOTALLY ADORABLE hat! (Where do I get one?)

By the way, beautiful photo of you Barbara. You don't look a day over 42.

Anonymous said...

I was just feeling fortunate to check on you on a day you posted.

I am even luckier that Kara is putting herself in line with your aunt.

Extra cake for me next year! When you are....looks like 28 to me.

(that other) Barbara

Barbara said...

Jim: Sure, yeah, she was checking YOU out I guess...

Kara: (shhhh -don't tell Jim but I agree that it's safe to say she was checking out Bennett). As for the hat, I believe it came from Sportchek - I love it!! I have a pink matching one but unfortunately my head's too big - or maybe it's my hair...

Oh and by the way - NO birthday cake for you!!!!!!!! Ever!!

Barbara: I'll bake you your own cake!! I'm not surprised that someone with such a fine first name has a great ability to estimate the true age of a person!

Amy said...

Great pictures! What a beautiful walk!

jim's favourite mother in law said...

Well, I think that the woman was checking JIM OUT!!! the way Jim could you come give Wayne a hand to take down a small unit in the craft room and set it up in my sewing room????????????
Lots of love, hugs and kisses
Your FAVOURITE mother in law

Bonnie said...

Hi Barbara, Jim, Bennett & Murphy:
Glad to see the beautiful pictures. The weather certainly has been grand - we are having the "summer that wasn't"! I can't get over how tall Bennett is getting. I loved the "snuck kiss" - Keep it up. There will be a time when you won't be able to do that anymore - - so take advantage while you can. It is so clear how much you two love Bennett, it just melts my heart and fills me with gratitude.

Re Bennett's Birthday present - I won't be around for that, so I will leave his gift with Keith & Aline - ok?

I hope you have a wonderful trip to Disney. Enjoy.

Auntie Bonnie

Kiera Beth said...

That is an adorable hat! Isn't the weather great? I love having all of the extra time outdoors this season!

That is so cute to see you all on a family walk!