Friday, November 6, 2009

The More Things Change....

The more they stay the same - or some things I guess. We've had a couple changes around here. First of all, after 3 years we have finally removed my ramp. I had some mixed feelings about seeing it go. On the one hand it was a reminder of the car accident but on the other, it also represented my freedom - my freedom to get out of the house and my freedom to actually stay alone with my son. The ramp meant that I had a way to wheel Bennett out in an emergency as I was unable to carry him. But it's gone and now I have my front yard back.

Another big change is the replacement of Bennett's crib with a full sized bed. The idea is to transition him out of our bed and into his own. As you can see, we have mixed results. Bennett likes to sleep in the bed - as long as someone is with him and as long as it's only for a nap. So, Bennett still sleeps with us and to be perfectly honest, that's ok with me. I've got bigger things to worry about.

And finally, this is my last day as a 38 year old. Tomorrow I'll be 39 - I've been trying to forget about it - I never like the birthdays that have a 9 in them. I remember that I didn't enjoy 19 or 29. At least I get all the angst out and by the time I turn 40 it will be no big deal (at least I hope so). I am a child of the 80s - and as a special treat I leave for you the following video:

The 80s weren't that bad were they???


Popcorn House said...

We had two little boys in our room when I woke up this morning. I really think if you don't push it just comes eventually. We once in awhile have a five year old on our floor in the morning. But our 9 and 7 NEVER sleep with us anymore. So I think it just evolves. I am all about easing into transitions. ;o)


Barbara said...

Popcorn: Thank you for the early birthday wishes - and for making me feel better about Bennett sleeping with us! I totally agree with you - he won't be doing it forever and I think I'll miss it when he leaves for good.

Colleen said...

hey guys

"I Can't Hold Back"....the laughter i'm experiencing with the 80's hair and outfits in that video...what a marvelous 80's flashback!

at one point i think we were all sporting those great big bangs! i love it.

btw i think bennett will be sleeping in his own bed - on his own terms. i agree with you barbara..there are other things to worry about. have fun and enjoy your nights together.

take care
auntie bean

Mummu and Poppa said...

Greetings and HAPPY (39th) BIRTHDAY. As George Bruns said: Years are only numbers, they come and they go.

Mummu (for years) used the 'magic' 39 number but now with grey hair and wrinkles it would be difficult to pass for '39 again' so enjoy it while you can!

The times are a changing.

Just embrace all the wonderful things that have come to you in 39 years. I won't mention them now but I am sure that you could make a long list. You are truly a Lucky and Blessed Lady! Accent the positive.

As for Bennett and the 'sleeping arrangment'... enjoy that too. It's always nicer to wake up with someone beside you rather than alone. 'The Boy' knows a good thing when he has it and he is not anxious to let it go. Good work Bennett. You keep Mommy and Daddy company for as long as you can. The 'Big Bed' will always be there ... waiting.

Mummu and Poppa
xxx ooo xxx ooo xxx ooo xxx ooo

Kara said...

Of all know I'M not going to try to talk you out of letting Bennett sleep in your bed!


Barbara said...

Colleen: I too have a hard time holding back my laughter everytime I watch that video - which I have now about 20 times - courtesy of Bennett. I think he likes the 80s too. As for the hair - I'm still waiting for it to come back. I'll gladly throw my hair straightener out the window!

Mummu - You're right I could definitely make a long list of all the wonderful things I've had and seen in the last 39 years. Luckily, I can still probably pass for 35 so maybe I'll use that number instead of 39.

Kara - my faithful companion in co-sleeping - thank you for the birthday wishes!

Bonnie said...

35?? You don't look a day over 29 Barbara! Love (and Happy Birthday). Auntie Bonnie

Barbara said...

Auntie Bonnie: Well, maybe a few days over 29....but thanks anyway!