Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Furry Boys - Bowser and Murphy

One year ago today we had to say good-bye to a treasured member of our family. I still miss Bowser and have certainly cried some tears today. I think anyone who was lucky enough to know Bowser still misses him as well. Jim and I joke that he will always be our first baby. Below is one of my favourite pictures from our first camping trip with Bennett.

Jim and I got Bowser not long after we had lost Robin - another much loved family pet. She had been with me from elementary school right through university. I think Bowser helped us heal at the time. And now we have Murphy and like Bowser, he too has helped fill that special place in our hearts. Murphy is a great dog but as I've said before 75 pounds of love and exuberance can be a bit much at times and unfortunately for him he often gets compared to Bowser - which is totally unfair. Bowser drove us crazy when he was 9 months old too - a fact that we often forget.
Murphy has his own unique quirks and character traits. He hates to get up early and Jim has to drag him out of the bedroom every morning to go for his walk. Murphy doesn't like to lie down gently - he just drops - and we can feel the quaking throughout our small house. Bennett likes to stick Murphy's tail in Murphy's mouth which always results in a crazy "dog chasing his tail" frenzy. This game never fails to amuse Bennett. Speaking of Bennett, Murphy puts up with a lot from the kid. Bennett will pull his tail, lips, ears - and Murphy will just stand there until we rescue him. And unlike Bowser, Murphy LOVES everyone and everything - even the TV. As you can see below, In the Night Garden is his favourite show. Bennett has pretty much outgrown it, but I'll still put it on for Murphy - after all, he is only 9 months old.


Mummu and Poppa said...

What can we say.

Bowser will always be in our hearts and never be forgotten. We have forgotten his moments of 'frisky business' and only remember his tenderness and his ability 'to talk'.

Murphy is also much loved but very much 'his own dog'...and that is a good thing. It is not difficult to give him love but as you say 75 pounds of 'love in return' can sometimes be over whelming (especially for Mummu).

Bennett knows the 'buttons to push' with Murphy for a good laugh. Wait until there is not such a difference in size (a 'little' boy and his 'big'dog to 'big boy' and 'big dog'). Then we will see who will have the control and the 'belly laughs'.

What a difference a year makes.

A new family member (Murphy) creating new memories and 'our old friend' (Bowser) who left us with so much to reminisce about.

Is that daddy holding the 'two boys on his lap'? Soon that will be a difficult task. Ha! Ha!

Keep enjoying life and love to all.

Mummu and Poppa
xxx ooo xxx ooo xxx ooo xxx ooo

Kara said...

What are you feeding that dog?!? Soon Bennett will be able to ride him around the neighbourhood!

grandma and grandpa said...

Yesterday was a poignant one for Wayne and I too. We sure have missed Bowser and think and talk about him often. Balls of yarn were not safe in our house, no matter where I put them. He ALWAYS found one somewhere and would come trotting into the living room gently carrying the ball of yarn over to me...I wonder if he was trying to give me a hint that his wardrobe was sorely lacking......hhhmmmmmmmm......
His favourite trick involved making a running leap onto the easy chair to land on my lap and darned near launching me off into tomorrow!
I remember the day when Bowser and I were camping by ourselves and I was felling really sick...(I would have asked for an ambulance had anyone been around). He lay at my feet all day, never once asking to go out. He would gently crawl up every now and then to give my face a lick as if to reasure me that I would soon be feeling better. He was right, by mid afternoon I was feeling much better. (no more dried fruit for me. LOL)
Barbara mentioned Robin. It's been close to 15 years and I still miss her. I always had someone to talk to when she was around. The best part was that she would talk back! Such lovely conversations we had.
And then, there's Murphy. For some reason he is totally infatuated with me. He almost goes berserk when he sees me. When he was a bit younger he would nibble on my toes looking at me with those beautiful brown soulful eyes, overflowing with love, which just about drove me crazy!!! (the toe nibbling, that is...I wasn't crazy about the drool either).
In spite of that he is one of the sweetest, cutest and funny animals I have known. If dogs were saints he would be one, for all the agravation he puts up with from Bennett!!
Our own Katie is getting old and we dread the day......

Lots of love, hugs and kisses
grandma and grandpa

Bonnie said...

Such beautiful pictures and memories. Thank you for sharing them, and may Murphy's Spirit, in some small way, continue to be present and heal hearts with joyful memories. You know, I think our pets who have gone before us "send us" perfect animals to help our hearts to heal. I believe that's how we got Teddy. Thank you again for sharing.

Kiera Beth said...

A year already? I love seeing pictures of your furry family members. Murphy is getting so big & that is great that he plays so well with Bennett! Murphy is getting so big. How much growing does he have left?

Barbara said...

Mummu - yes that's Daddy holding the two boys. I think he actually stopped breathing for awhile :)

Kara - We're thinking of hooking Murphy up to a sled this winter. I'm sure he could pull both Bennett and I...

Grandma - We have some great memories of our dogs. They just don't live long enough....

Bonnie - our animals can heal us in so many ways. I still remember coming home from the hospital after the accident. I couldn't wait to see Bowser. He spent a lot of time snuggling with me on my hospital bed. The perfect dog at the perfect time...

Kiera: I hope Murphy doesn't get too much bigger. However, golden retrievers continue to grow and fill out until they're two. I'm afraid we might have another inch of height and about 10 more pounds to go...