Saturday, March 21, 2009

Walkin' Grandma

Since it was such a nice day yesterday, Bennett decided to take Grandma for a walk. I'm glad he did it rather than me - I find she pulls way too much!

As you can see, we still have lots of snow - but it's melting!


Popcorn House said...

How cute! You guys have way more snow then us.....I guess I will stop complaining about our patches. Soon we will all be thawed out and our kids will be playing at the parks! I can't wait.


Kiera Beth said...

Wow! Look at him go. He is walking like a little pro now! I love the video of him and Grandma!

You do have a lot of snow. Ours is all melted now and the playgrounds were dry enough to play on this past weekend! Spring is here!

Thanks for sharing the wonderful video!

grandma and grandpa said...

Barbara, I do NOT pull too much! You DRAG me when we go shopping!
Bennett and I walk at just the right speed. I was so proud walking with him. He held my hand and we would stop to chat about the things around us and then we would start to walk again. I didn't believe that he would walk that far but he did, with no trouble at all. I can hardly wait to take him for walks this summer. By the way, Barbara, you and I used to walk down that same road when you were 2 yrs old too!
Isn't life wonderful!!!
Lots of love, hugs and kisses

Kara said...

Wow...he is walking so well!! It's really been too long since I've seen him. We'll definitely have to forgo a Starbucks date for a play date sometime soon!

Erin said...

You guys have heaps of snow - wow! never seen so much! Bennett sure can walk like a champ. Aw, so cute.