Tuesday, March 3, 2009

School Days

Bennett has just completed his first month of a program offered by our local Children's Treatment Centre. It's called Junior PATH - I forget what the letters stand for - something about assessment and therapy. It's a great opportunity for Bennett and one that we are very excited about.

So what is it? It is two mornings a week - 3 hours each day. Bennett goes to a classroom with 4 other children, all of who need a bit of extra help in various areas. While there he gets treatment from a physiotherapist, occupational therapist and a speech therapist. There is also a teacher present as well as the odd student and/or volunteer. All of his therapy goals are incorporated into their activities. It is a fantastic program and we have noticed improvements already. He will continue for this semester - until the end of June.

The other day I stayed for the entire morning as I had to be present for an assessment that I will be blogging about soon. It was fun to watch him interact with the other kids and participate in all the activities - circle time, finger painting, snack time, clean-up, etc. While the kids were fingerpainting rainbows, there were 3 kids and 7 adults present around the table. Somehow, even with that amazing ratio, Bennett still managed to eat paint! I guess he was still hungry...


Amanda said...

That program sounds absolutley amazing! I wish we had something like that! I always say how I think Leah is going to be so motivated once she is around other kids. Sounds like Bennett is enjoying it and doing great!

Love the pictures, and heck eating a little paint never hurt! :)

Anonymous said...

You know how stories from one's childhood become family lore...I can just imagine Bennett as a teen, with a personal comeback of "Eat paint!" chkl.

Truly, group programing for children under the age of 3 is "unfashionable" below the border.

He looks great sitting at that table. Thanks so much for showing.
(the other) Barbara

Popcorn House said...

I agree what a fantastic program. I too wish we had a program like that. Though, I would have a very sad big brother on my hands if that was the case! We have I guess a great preschool special needs here that starts at age 3.

I used to eat glue in kindergarten, I though it tasted good. I would sneak eating it. I was a crazy kid.

Bennett looks so cute sitting there, that is great that he has his little friends. Sammy goes to nursery at church. It cracks me up seeing all the little kids playing, they all are around the same age where they play by each other but not with each other. Sammy plays with Joseph at home, they have little games and really play together.....but there without Joseph leading he just side by side plays with the kids. They still manage to fight even though they aren't really playing together.

Kara said...

Judging from Bennett's masterpiece, he certainly didn't discriminate when it came to paint colours...it looks like he used ALL of them!

So glad he's in the program and doing so well. It's truly an amazing place and our kids are very fortunate to have it. Let's cross our fingers that they both get to keep going!

Kiera Beth said...

That does look like an amazing program! You are so lucky to have Bennett in a place like that!

I love the story about eating paint. Isn't it amazing how quickly they can get it into their little mouths!

He is doing so well sitting at the table and looks like he is enjoying it. Thanks for sharing!