Sunday, March 15, 2009

King of the Potty

Before anyone gets too excited, I have to admit that the King of the Potty is not Bennett. As the title is not Queen of the Potty, it is not me either. That leaves Jim. Yes, I must give credit where credit is due - Jim is indeed King of the Potty.

Our potty training efforts to date have been half hearted at best. We'll keep trying but frankly I'm not expecting to complete this process for quite some time. Part of the problem is Bennett's reaction whenever I get him to sit on the potty. He thinks it's the funniest game ever. He sits down, then he stands up - he sits down, then he stands up - then he decides to go for a walk - then he sits down, then he stands up. The entire time he is laughing at me. Now some of you might think that I'm taking his mocking of me personally and that he's not really "laughing at me" but rather just laughing. Well, I beg to differ - I have no doubt that my son is laughing AT me and my feeble, pathetic attempts at potty training.

On the other hand, it seems like every time Jim has him sit on the potty, he pees! Just like that - he sits, he tucks, he pees and then they party. I come in after the fact for clean-up duty, empty the bowl and sweep up the confetti and the balloons - forever, relegated to the sidelines.

I just don't get it I guess but I have to hand it to Jim. Without a doubt, he's King of the Potty in our house!


Popcorn House said...

Will he train Sammy for me? Sammy is ready. He tries to potty when Joseph does, he gets mad if we don't put him on there. But once we found out that CIMT is happening this month, we decided to hold off until the casting is done. I keep telling myself that he is the last one, just get it over and done with. But reality is I HATE POTTY TRAINING!

Keep us posted on how it goes! He is doing really good so far. Since I have had a couple that cry to just sit on there LOL!

Erin said...

Haha. Ah, the best place for a father and son to bond, in the bathroom! I hope he starts peeing on the potty for you soon!

P.S: No I don't mind if you link in a post. Thanks for your comment. :)

Kiera Beth said...

That is a great story! I loved Erin's comment about Gather & son bonding in the bathroom. So true!

I am so impressed that Bennett is doing that already for Jim. way to go Bennett!

Bonnie said...

I never saw such an elegant "potty". Maybe if you had this kind of "throne", Bennett would be more inclined to use it regularly? Having said that, he is very young. Kids central nervous system will develop when they are ready. He will get tired of diapers. Congrats to you both for your efforts. When it is time, Bennett will be "potty trained" with grace and ease - no stress.
Auntie Bonnie
p.s. And all of this from the woman who has no children!

Anonymous said...

There is wisdom in ALL the comments already. Very wise to ask for help. Here's a reference - on my blog click on My Charming Kids. You then might have to search for McKMomma's post on potty training, but if you find it, it's an amazing post on the topic.

As long ago as I was doing this with my kids...I would tell myself and others, there is no prize for the child who potty trains earliest.

I will not try to convince you that Bennett is not laughing AT you. (Stifling my own laughter.) Ahem.

That photo is quite unusual. Wherever did you find it?

Onto to your next post...

Bird said...

Wow. We are only just barely thinking about the potty. You seem to be way ahead of the game on this one.