Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Snow Day

So I would’ve posted this earlier but for some reason my Internet service has been either spotty or non-existent. Someone is supposed to look into this on Thursday.

On Monday we had a pretty big snowstorm. The news reported 13 cm which is about 5 inches for my American friends. However, the consensus seems to be that we had more than that. Bennett was supposed to go to daycare for the morning where he had an appointment with his occupational therapist. I called early to cancel both when I woke up and looked out the window and saw my new van buried in the snow and my neighbour’s truck parked sideways in the road. School buses were cancelled – this is a big deal – we rarely get snow days around here as we are accustomed to having a lot of snow.

Bennett and I spent the whole day in the house with no TV and no Internet. This is what we did:
• We watched our neighbour try to shovel his truck out – this was unsuccessful so he had to call a tow truck.
• We entertained grandpa who was brave enough to drive down the street and have a morning visit.
• We played with a rubber ball that lights up when it bounces – this was a great game that we played several times throughout the day.
• I gave in at around 2pm and called Jim at work to ask him how to use the DVD player so I could put in a Diego video.
• I argued with Bennett about the location of his afternoon nap. I insisted on his crib and he insisted on our bed with me in it. He eventually won but I put up a good fight.
• Bennett and I danced. I’m sure our moves would only win strange looks on the dance floor rather than prizes. But at least we’re in synch as we both have issues with our right leg.

At no time during the day did we do any therapy. As I was going to bed I was feeling incredibly guilty about this – wasting a whole day doing essentially nothing. And then I remembered something that my physiotherapist said to me about a year ago when I confessed that I hadn’t done any of my exercises for 2 days. She said to me, “sometimes, life is the best physiotherapy”. So, on second thought we did do therapy. It’s called Life.

Below is a video to the song Bennett and I danced to. Have a listen and maybe do some of your own dancing.


Ellen said...

Hi, Barbara. Thanks for the post on my blog yesterday about dumb-ass moms! I am glad we've found each other. I like your voice, I've added it to my blog. And, Bennett is ADORABLE! I can't wait to keep seeing pictures of him. I love little-little ones. Max is going to be 6 Dec 10, Sabrina will be 4 in January.

I completely relate to this post, it's exactly how I felt when Max was younger. I always felt like I could be doing MORE, and on days when I just hung out with him, I felt awful about it. It really did take me a long time to understand that therapy doesn't have to just be an OT session or an OT-sanctioned activity, it can be play. Or even doing everyday activities, like cooking together. Or, on some days, not doing much at all. Love is very healthy!!!

Looking forward to connecting.

Ellen said...

PS, I meant, I've added you to my blog roll. It would not be easy to add your voice to my blog. :)

Bonnie said...

I am thrilled that you and Bennett had a "snow" day - - which was really a fun day for you both. You suggested you had not done any "therapy" with Bennett. Au Contraire! Watching someone shovel, singing, dancing, playing ball - - all therapeutic, as much for the body as for the soul. These are the days that forge your relationship as mom and son - - and good for you for putting up a good argument re where to have a nap. You probably both needed the company and mutual support. I don't think I would worry too much about Bennett wanting to sleep with you. He has lots of reasons to feel some degree of insecurity at times - and if we can surrround him (literally and figuratively) with love, why not? I'm sure peer pressure alone will prevent him from sleeping with you and Jim by the time he is 18! (Little joke!)

Glad to see your internet is up and running. I know what that feels like - no internet - hard to figure out what you are going to do with your time - - but you and Bennett worked it out just fine.

Hope you enjoy the day.
Auntie Bonnie

Anonymous said...

Grateful goodbyes to Funkytown! bb

Popcorn House said...

Sounds like such a great day for you guys!!!

Erin said...

Love the video, and the snow pic! :)