Sunday, December 14, 2008

Party Day

Tomorrow is Bennett's 2nd birthday but we had a party today. It was a smallish gathering of just family. I think he had a wonderful time and he was absolutely spoiled with presents! We went with a Go Diego Go! theme. The cake was delicious but Bennett was totally unimpressed so I didn't even get a good cake all over the face shot.

Thank you so much to everyone who came today. I'm so grateful every day that we have such a wonderful family. We missed you Auntie Bonnie but thank you for the amazing tub toys and calling to sing Happy Birthday. Another special thank you for our good friend Kasia for the Diego doll!

The video is not the greatest but is still kind of cute. We've been trying to teach Bennett how to blow as part of speech therapy but obviously we haven't mastered that yet. It was a good thing Daddy and cousin Mackenzie were there to help.

I've created a montage celebrating Bennett's second year. I plan to post that tomorrow on his actual birthday - come back and check it out!


Bonnie said...

Great pictures. Did you do the cake Barbara?

Glad the party was a big success. Some day, when Bennett is feeling better about the phone - we'll have many good conversation.

I cannot believe it is 2 years tomorrow that Bennett was born. I remember holding him on Christmas day at the house - with you in the wheelchair. Oh my - you have come a very long way. I loved the picture of Bennett looking up at you. Something like that shot makes all the days that might be a bit more of a challenge all worth it!

I'm sure you will all sleep well tonight - now that the party is over. I look forward to reading your next installment on the Blog. Thanks so much for doing that Barbara. Some day, you should think about publishing this.

Lots of love,
Auntie Bonnie

Amanda said...

That video is adorable! I love how he doesn't want to let go of that paci--Leah is the same way!!! Happy Birthday (tomorrow) Bennett!! I look forward to seeing the video montage!

Popcorn House said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BENNETT! I love the video and pictures so cute.

I love that he doesn't want to give up the paci. Sammy LOVES his too!

Mummu and Poppa said...

The Birthday Boy was in good form - making the rounds and visiting with all of his fans. Bennett, you are truly social and we love every minute that you are with us - in person and in thought.

A wonderful year past and another great birthday party. Thanks to Mommy and Daddy for organizing it and lets not forget Grandpa for making the meatballs and Grandma for making the 'special pizza'. We don't believe that anyone went away hungry ... and that's the sign of a good party - great food and great company!

We wonder just how many birthday parties centre around 'Diego'. Oh to be young again and of course know what we know today ... but we gess that isn't going to happen.

It was good to see family members that we only seem to see from 'birthday to birthday' so, until the next birthday ...

Peace, Love, Joy and Merry Christmas to all

Mummu and Poppa
xxx ooo xxx ooo