Sunday, December 28, 2008


On Christmas Eve Jim and I went to a movie. Bennett stayed behind and helped Grandma and Grandpa entertain. For some reason when we returned Bennett was wearing nothing but his pants. However, I learned a long time ago never to ask a question unless you're sure you want to hear the answer.

Bennett with cousin Ryan - a fellow Toronto Maple Leafs fan. Poor guy...

Bennet with cousin Sherry. They met for the first time on Christmas Eve and apparently Bennett fell in love.

Bennett with cousins Ashley and Mackenzie. He doesn't seem quite as impressed with the princess dress as Mackenzie was. However, he's always happy to see these two ladies!

Bennett trying out his new canoe paddle. A great gift from cousins Lucy and Henry. He looks like a natural doesn't he?

Mackenzie couldn't take Bennett's shirtless cuteness anymore and just threw him on the ground and then proceeded to smother him with hugs and kisses. He's such a ladies man....

The winter wonderland we woke up to on Christmas morning.

Opening presents from Santa at Grandma and Grandpa's

Telling Uncle Austin a big story about something.

Feeding Grandpa asparagus on Christmas Day. He was very good about making sure that Grandpa and Daddy finished their vegetables.

By Boxing Day, my little man was running out of steam.

Finally a picture with the elusive Auntie Bonnie - and what a wonderful one it turned out to be!!!!

Bringing Daddy and cousin Amber for a walk. You'll notice that Mummu isn't too far away from either of her boys.

Checking out his new Smart Cycle
As you can see it was a busy Christmas but a wonderful Christmas. As always the best part was being with family. And the food - food is always important....


Popcorn House said...

Looks like a great Christmas!!! That Smart Cycle looks cool. He totally looks like a natural with the canoe paddle. Nice two handed action too!!!

Dawn said...

What a beauty! I also noticed the canoe paddle, he didn't look like he favored one hand at all. So nice to see, he is just doing so well!

Awesome winter wonderland pic too. ;) Had to comment on that of course.

Kiera Beth said...

Wow - he looks great with the paddle. You are going to be able to sit in the middle while being chauffeured around by your men this summer!!

He is getting so big! I love his hair.

Looks like a great day!