Sunday, November 9, 2008

You're Awesome Dude!

Bennett has been practicing cruising from one surface to another. He's made a lot of progress just this weekend. He can balance a bit on his own and walk with one of us while holding one hand. I think independent walking is still far away but this gives me hope that it is possible and will happen one day.

Well done Bennett!

Bowser Update: Bowser has been doing better. The vet is hoping that he is still suffering from an allergic reaction and the subsequent medication he had to be on to clear up the infection. He's on Benadryl and wearing a Buster collar for a week. We check in with the vet again on Tuesday. Thank you so much to everyone who commented, called or emailed for your kind words, support and understanding that Bowser is an important part of our family.


Bonnie said...

Great post - and great video. I cannot get over how tall Bennett is - and how well he is doing. I think it won't be long and his balance will be improved enough he will be on his own. Can he manage walking with his walker? That might just give him the security/support he needs. What troopers - you all are!

I'm so glad to hear about Bowser's improvement. I'm sure he loves that collar, eh?

Take good care - and enjoy.
Aunti Bonnie

Kara said...

Wow! I wouldn't be so sure that independant walking is still "a long way away"...he's doing great! Go Bennett Go!!

Anonymous said...

WooHoo! on that walking! Looks very good! I esp like that he is leading with the R and using the L hand to help his balance.

Glad to hear Bowser is better, too.

Complete the picture and tell us how good you are doing, Barbara, please.

Mummu and Poppa said...

Bennett, everything you do is so awesome to us. The first time we saw you walk in the driveway with your walker there were tears of joy, praise and thanksgiving!

Now, you are mastering walking along the hallway - what lies ahead or what can be next in your world of discovery???

We anxiously await 'your next step'.

You are truly one remarkable 'God Send'.

When a 'Special Needs' child is delivered into a family it is maybe because 'the family' is in need of the 'specialnesses' this child brings and Bennett you are truly it.

Thanks to you, Mommy and Daddy, we look upon life with new eyes and an new open heart.

Love you all a 'holy bunch'!

Mummu and Poppa
xxx ooo xxx ooo


We couldn't help but notice in the video that Bowser was leading the way up the hallway. Bowser is never too far from Bennett - a watch dog and a protector he is.

North Dakota Ward's said...

I have tears in my eyes after watching this. That is how it started for Sammy he walked along the walls. You can tell from the video that he just wants to go, go, go. It really won't take him long I bet to let go on his own. I too LOVED how he was leading with his right leg. That is AMAZING to watch.

Thanks for the Bowsers update....keep us posted!

Dawn said...

Bless his little heart! That was awesome. He is doing so great!! It won't be long now.

Glad Bowser is doing a bit better too.

Happy Dance!

Amanda said...

Way to go Bennett! He is doing so well!

Anonymous said...

Hey Barbara and Jim,
Lots of love, hugs and kisses.
Grandma and grandpa