Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mr. December?

Well, I don't think that I would get as many sales but the fact that he is ACTUALLY putting dishes in the dishwasher makes him pretty attractive!


Anonymous said...

What a hunk! Like father like son. tehe!

Other Barbara

Popcorn House said...

He should be on the front cover!!!

Mummu and Poppa said...

Jim, you are the man for all seasons. We have actually seen you do all kinds of housework. Needless to say this is written by your mother and father.

... you can't beat the look of Bennett with the fireman's hat but you come close.

Lots of love
Mom and Dad
xxx ooo xxx ooo

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the nice comments but I think Mr December might hurt Mr November's sales numbers.

Jim aka Mr. December

Mummu and Poppa said...

Not to hurt your feelings Jim, but as good as you are, you will never out-do Bennett in the calendar department.

He is and always will be #1.

There is just something about a baby in a diaper and a fireman's hat. What more can we say. Ha! Ha!

Lots of Love
Mom and Dad
xxx ooo xxx ooo

Dawn said...

LMAO, you are too funny Barbara.

Kiera Beth said...

I still laugh every time I see this one on my feed!!

We have the dish fairy in our house who drops dishes in the sink when I am not looking. In fact one time, the fairy decided to have a little fun and every one of my plates and bowls ended up in the sink :)

I think that I like your Mr. December better.