Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Barbara!!

Well it only seems fitting that if everyone else gets a birthday wish on the blog, Mommy should get one too. So happy Birthday to the Bestest Mommy in the whole world. I can't think of too many others who would give up their spot in bed for a not so comfy couch just to ensure Bennett would have a good sleep before therapies. Here is hoping you had a wonderful day and the offer for a weekend stay at the Homewood Suites is still open.

Happy Birthday Mommy,

Love Jim, Bennett, and Bowser

PS Sorry to all regular blog readers I know this post is not on par with regular Barbara posts


Anonymous said...

Many happy returns, Barbara!

(And no apologies needed, Barbara's Hubby.)

North Dakota Ward's said...


Anonymous said...

I just wrote a long heartfelt comment about your life up to now.
However, I guess that the comments will only accept a certain amount of words and my computer is acting up , so I'll write a better one tomorrow. Just know that we love you very very much and that you have been the BEST DAUGHTER, anyone could ever have hoped for. You did a good job raising us and we thank you for that. (well I could have turned out better, but you can't win them all). Thank you for Jim and Bennett and of course Bowser.
Lots of love, hugs and kisses
Mom and Dad
(Mikey and the Old guy)

Kiera Beth said...

Happy Birthday Barbara!! I hope it was a wonderful day!! That is a great photo of you and Bennett!

P.S. Jim - thanks for letting us know about the exciting day!

Colleen said...

Happy birthday to my wonderful sister in law! Hope your day was awesome!

I'm sure you spent the day with two of your favourite guys. (oops i mean 3-I don't know how I could have forgotten our 4 legged friend)

Hope everyone is doing well...all my love,


Barbara said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes and thanks to Jim for posting!

Bonnie said...

Birthday blessings, my dear Barbara. We'll have to celebrate next Friday at Valleystream!
Auntie Bonnie

Sheila said...

Happy Belated Birthday Barbara! I hope you had a great day!

Mummu and Poppa said...

Happy Birthday to a remarkable woman!

We will toast a glass of wine on Friday in your honour.

Remember ... you are not getting older, you are getting better!

The George Burns saying that 'old, young - just words' will mean more to you as you get MUCH older. Ha! Ha!

Take care and God Bless!

Mummu and Poppa
xxx ooo xxx ooo

Dawn said...

Happy Belated Birthday Barbara!! Hope it was great!

Lisa said...

Late but heartfelt ....

Happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy.......................................................


Auntie Gates