Saturday, October 30, 2010

Another Good-bye

A couple days ago we had to say good-bye to another beloved member of our family. My parents had to make the difficult choice to let go of their dog, Katie. She was 12 years old and appeared to be dealing with old age well until a few days ago. She was a good dog - a funny dog - who was very set in her ways. She was a real homebody who refused to go out in the rain, walked around every puddle and would sit in a vehicle for hours if she thought someone might be leaving her. She will be missed so much by everyone.

After Bowser died, the vet's office sent us the story about Rainbow Bridge. If you're a dog lover, you've heard of this special place where our pets wait for us to join them. I do hope such a place exists and if it does I have no doubt that our sweet Bowser was waiting there for Katie with a football in his mouth and the full body wag that he was so well known for.

Good-bye Katie Jones...


Dawn said...

Awe Barbara - I'm so sorry. Those fur babies just become such a part of the family it's hard to let them go. I had never heard that Rainbow Bridge story. It was very sweet and hopefully brings some comfort to your family during this sad time. {{Hugs}}

Anonymous said...

So sorry for your family's loss.

Bonnie said...

I had not read the blog prior to seeing your mom and dad at your BD celebration. I was so sorry to hear that Katie was no longer with us in body. As you mom said, she can hear her walking around the house. Our pets do leave an impression on our hearts. They soften us to the tender moments of life, and help us to not take ourselves so seriously. They also help us to know it is ok to let the people around us know clearly what we need - - like not going out int he rain to tinkle!

Lots of love,

Barbara said...

Thank you so much. Losing a pet is always so hard.

grandma and grandpa said...

Sorry that it's taken me a while to thank everyone who emailed and blogged over the loss of our Katie. She has left a big whole in our hearts and in the house. She was a BIG, beautiful dog with a BIG heart. She loved everyone and really loved Bennett and always stayed near him when he was here. She was Wayne's dog.........she was mine too, but she liked to hang around
Wayne and followed him everywhere and we could always find her lying down beside him. We sure miss her.
We have decided that she is our last dog..........but.............. who knows.
grandma and grandpa