Sunday, July 11, 2010

Short Weekend

Our weekend was a bit shorter than usual but we managed to do a lot anyway. We visited Grandma and Grandpa at the park where they're camped and did a lot of swimming and playing at the beach. In the video you can see Jim throwing Bennett in the air. Grandma requested that Jim do the same for her - he ignored her request as politely as he could. Bennett made a new friend in a little girl named Amy who brought him rocks and clams as gifts - a lot of rocks and clams that I discreetly put back in the water whenever they turned their backs. If you look carefully at the fourth picture you can actually see a clam trail. They worked hard on a river through the sand and both of the kids were quite detailed in their instructions to Jim- they had him hauling water and digging trenches! Afterwards we went out for supper followed by chocolate ice cream - Bennett fell asleep 5 minutes after getting in the van and slept all the way home.

Today we visited our local farmer's market before going to Mummu and Poppa's. Bennett pigged out on a croissant that he refused to share with me. I consoled myself by purchasing fresh local strawberries, peas and asparagus. After hanging out with Mummu and Poppa we grabbed Murphy and headed to a local lake for more swimming! I believe Bennett is becoming a little fish - he's doing a great job moving both legs and arms - Jim was even able to let him go and he could tread water (with the life jacket on).

We came home and enjoyed our fresh vegetables and then went out for ice cream one more time! Oh yeah - we camped in our trailer in the driveway for two nights!! I think we're all tired - Murphy and Bennett are both sleeping - I don't think Jim and I will be far behind.

One more thing, here's the latest picture of the house project. It's coming along I guess - I've been assured that it will be finished in time for us to move. That happens in 40 days....


Dawn said...

Wow the house is really coming nice! I love the brick exterior.

Glad you had a nice weekend. I enjoyed the video of Bennett flying in the air. So much fun.

Bonnie said...

Hello Barbara, Jim, Bennett & Murphy. I have been offline for some time, given travel etc. It was so wonderful to hear Bennett counting in French. Wow - he is really forging on. He is so darned smart - and so very cute. Aline told me he woke up and said, "Good morning Mama". I told Roberta that, and she could not stop smiling. You have been blessed with such a perfect and beautiful son - and you are both such great parents (must come from the great parents you both have - not to mention your aunts!)

The house looks magnificent. I'm sure you will be ready on the day your movers arrive. Having just moved from North Bay to Sudbury, I can appreciate all the effort involved.

Calgary has been wonderful. We went to Lake Louise and Banff last weekend. Lots to see - mountains very majestic. This weekend we head off to Edmonton to see a friend.

Take good care, and best of luck with your move.

Love, Auntie Bonnie PS - great job washing the vehicles.