Tuesday, July 27, 2010

End of July

Wow - time flies! It has been a busy couple of weeks. Jim is in the middle of a crazy work marathon and I've been busy doing things related to my car accident. On top of that we move in 3.5 weeks! The blog posts will probably be few and far between but who knows. Here are some pictures and videos from the last couple weeks.

Here's Bennett helping to wash the vehicles. (As you can see, he's really not that much help).

Bennett and Grandma practicing counting to twenty in French. He did a lot better the first couple of times. It seems Murphy wants to learn as well...

Speaking of Murphy....here's a picture of him napping with Jim. I don't know how he stayed balanced up there.

And now for some pictures of the house. Not much to look at. The outside is done except for some trim work and our garage door. Inside, we have drywall. They are supposed to paint and texture our ceilings this week. I was reassured by the builder yesterday that I was ok to hire movers. I've started the packing - there's no looking back now...

Living Room

Dining Room & Kitchen

Main Bathroom

Second Bathroom


Rec Room


Anonymous said...

Loved both videos! Ah, but washing vehicles helps Bennett - not the reverse!

Murphy was too funny during the French lesson!

House looks great! I esp like the showers you have.

(other) Barbara

Barbara said...

Barbara - You're right about the washing vehicles - everything around here turns into "hidden" therapy - ex. reminding to wash using both hands!

I'm excited about the showers - they are large and both have seats - very important for me. We've done quite a few things in the house to make it more accessible for me and easier to live in. I'm looking forward to it!

Dawn said...

Loved Murphy on the French speak. Too funny. And good for Bennett wanting to help. Believe me they grow up and it's like pulling teeth to even get them to put their socks in the hamper. Hopefully Bennett will always be a helper.

The house is really coming along. It's going to be so nice.