Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Summer List

I guess at this point we are well into summer. In fact it seems that every store I've been to lately has summer stuff on clearance. However, it's still early so I thought I would put in writing a list of things I want to do this summer. Hopefully I'll get to do all of them but I guess I should keep in mind that we're building a house and moving in 43 days.

  • Some Camping - we just traded in our old trailer for a new one and I can't wait to try it out!

  • We won't be able to camp until later in August - so until then I want to do lots of Driveway Camping. We won't be able to do that at the new house.

  • Picnics - I used to love going on picnics. I'm determined to go on more - and find an insulated picnic basket somewhere.

  • Share a couple pitchers of my homemade Sangria with friends.

  • Go out to a local Italian bakery that serves Gelato and reminisce about our trip to Italy.

  • Sit on my bench on my Front Porch with a glass of wine and my new iPad (that Bennett and I are just loving!!) I won't have a front porch at the new house.

  • Barbeque using a new recipe at least once a week.

  • GOLF - Please will someone - anyone (except you Tiger Woods) please take me golfing!! It's one the few recreational activities that I can still do - although I have to take a cart and I can't hit the ball as far anymore.

  • Enjoy sitting by the Campfire - and make Smores with Bennett.

  • Bring Bennett and Murphy swimming at the Beach. (We've already done this about 5 times but to use a favourite word of Bennett's - I want MORE!

  • Lots of Watermelon!!
  • The picture above is from "Operation Tulip Rescue" that took place a couple weeks ago. Bennett is always willing to help!


    Kara said...

    What a great summer list! Having a picnic is on my list too - you bring the Sangria and I'm there!

    Can't help you with golf though, unless it's mini-putt and you bring me for an ice cream afterwards. Think about it and let me know.....

    Janet "Grammy" Harrold said...

    So, I didn't realize that Bennett was old enough to drink wine. lol (refer to Front Porch) This is quite the ambitous list but not impossible. Don't forget to squeeze in raise awareness for cerebral palsy awareness week August 1st-August 7th.

    Kiera Beth said...

    First of all - YAY!!!!! I was so excited to see about the tulips! That is great that you decided to bring them with you!

    What a wonderful idea to blog about all of the activities that you want to do this summer! I am excited to see the posts of the exciting events!

    Kiera Beth said...

    Barbara - I've given you the "A Blog With Substance" award. To get a copy of the award read my post Thanks for the wonderful blog!

    Anonymous said...

    That's a list I can sign-onto! Except, well, you might like some one else to golf with!

    (other) Barbara

    Barbara said...

    Kara - we'll have to enjoy our sangria picnic at my house or yours. I fear that we may end up in jail if we try it at the beach. However, that may be a good plan to get you some quality alone time! :) As for mini-putt and ice cream - anytime!

    Janet - Thanks for the CP Awareness Week reminder! And I thought Bennett's ID looked a bit more wine for him :)

    Kiera - I just hope we get around to most of it - especially golf...
    Thanks for the award - I'll go check it out!!

    Barbara - Well, golf is only one thing on my list - there's still lots for us to do - although getting to Texas this summer may be a problem...