Tuesday, July 14, 2009


In the last couple years I have come to realize how stairs are an important part of everyday life. For a long time after my car accident I was unable to do stairs at all - not even one step - not even the ledge to a walk in shower. The ability to transfer all your weight to one leg even for a split second was something I no longer took for granted. Whenever Jim and I planned on going out we always had to consider stairs - we still do. I have never thought about stairs so much.

Fortunately, our house doesn't have stairs that I need to use. However, this also means that Bennett has been limited in places to learn stairs. During his recent session of Junior PATH I asked if they could work on stairs. I knew he had made some progress but was pretty sure he still needed quite a bit of help. That's why I was shocked when I saw this about a week ago.

He is also quite good at going down. What's funny is that his therapist wants him to lead with his right leg going up and then lead with left going down to help build strength. For some reason, he does this automatically. This method of doing stairs is opposite of what I do and what Bennett will probably be told to do in the future. Normally when you have one leg that is weaker you lead up with your good and lead down with your bad (good to heaven, bad to hell).

Anyway, I took this little video when we attended an outdoor music festival in town. It was a great outing for our little family. It was also the first time that anyone has ever commented on Bennett's brace. One of the volunteers approached me and asked if he had hurt his ankle. I said no - he wears the brace to help him walk. I could tell she wanted to know more but I didn't feel like sharing. But it was all ok.


Dawn said...

What an awesome job he is doing. And you are right we do take the simple things in life for granted.

Bonnie said...

Hooray for Bennett. I'm delighted you were all able to attend the music festival - - and even more delighted that Bennett could do the stairs all by himself. He really likes to be independent, doesn't he? Good for him! Take good care. Love, Auntie Bonnie p.s. He can always come and do stairs at my house.

Amanda said...

That is awesome! He is doing so well!! Way to go Bennett!!

Popcorn House said...

That is how Sammy does stairs too. Leads with his bad side going up, going down now he alternates left right. I hope in time he will do the same thing going UP too.

GREAT JOB BENNETT! I still take my physical health for granted. I think it is so hard to not too. I have days when I really think about and feel super grateful for all that I have. Thanks for your post to remind me!!!

Popcorn House said...

I shouldn't of said BAD side. His weaker side ;o)

grandma and grandpa said...

Bennett, keeps surprising us almost everyday with his new attemts at doing stuff. His attention span is AMAZING. He learns quickly and usually only has to be shown something once for him to know it. He knows all his colours and can count to 10. He is learning more and more sign language everyday. What an awesome kid!!!
Lots of love, hugs and kisses,
Grandma and Grandpa

Amy said...

Maddy does the same thing going downstairs, leads with the strong foot which is really good for her weak right foot. That has baffled her PT....interesting that Bennett does it too. He looks great! You must be so proud.

The only person to have commented on Maddy's brace was a mom of a toddler with Down's Syndrome who was about to get a brace of his own and she had tons of questions and it was nice to be able to help another mom.

Kiera Beth said...

Go Bennett! I loved seeing the video! He climbs the stairs so smoothly.

You are right about taking stairs for granted. Little Dude really struggles on stairs still and I had not realized just how many there are everywhere until I was either holding his hand and saying "step, step" or carrying him up them.

I hope you had a great time at the festival!