Friday, July 3, 2009

Murphy Update

I'm sure you're all anxious for a Murphy update so here it is. He is growing so fast - I can't believe it. My little puppy that used to nap on my arms while I was typing just a couple months ago now weighs more than 40 pounds! He has started puppy school where he is without a doubt the top pupil in the class. Although he is doing well, he is a puppy and continues to drive us crazy. We have gone through a lot of toilet paper and soothers - he loves to eat both.

Murphy loves Bennett and every other member of the family as well as every person he meets. He also loves the trees, the grass, the couch, - I could go on and on. He is a typical golden retreiver who loves the world and sincerely believes that the whole world loves him. What a life...

Enjoy the short slide show below. I apologize in advance for my hair. Like Murphy and Bennett, I seem to have absolutely no control over it.


grandma said...

that is BEAUTIFUL!!!! He is a wonderful dog which I was able to tuck under my arm for a week and a half....then.....
For some reason he has a special attraction to me that I don't always appreciate or understand. Barbara and Jim claim that he loves me and that I am the only one he behaves with like that.
Will this be a love/hate relationship that I once shared with my most favourite dog, Robin?
Will his love for me be recipricated?
Stay tuned. ( I have a feeling that I will grow to love him even more than he loves me........but only time will tell)
Lots of love, hugs and kisses

Kara said...

Gosh, who couldn't love that doggy face? Unfortunately Kasia won't be having any play dates with Murphy as so far she's had an allergic reaction to one pug, one rhodesian ridgeback, and two golden dooldes. Sigh...she sends her love though.

Kiera Beth said...

So cute! Murphy is getting so big! I love the picture of him napping with Jim. Poor Jim does not get much of the couch. Little Dude was watching with me and if you notice a play count in the low 3-figures that would be because the combination of upbeat music and cute puppy pictures were too tempting to miss! He kept asking & signing "More Puppy!" Thanks for sharing!

Ellen said...

Wow, Murphy really is getting big! I am really, really itching to get a dog, Max loves them. I just don't know if I can handle the responsibility!

Bonnie said...

Dear B, J, B & M:
What a wonderful slide show of Murphy. I can't believe Murphy is getting so bit - - and Bennette - - well, he's just a real little man now. It's clear that he is loved and loved by all - and just looking at that face, I can tell why. You are great parents to the two best kids anywhere - - Bennett & Murphy. Enjoy!
Auntie Bonnie