Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Rather Silly Dilemma

I'm hoping you will help me out with my latest dilemma. As the title indicates, in the grand scheme of things, my problem is rather silly. However, I still have to make a decision so I'm reaching out for assistance.

Jim and I will be attending a wedding this weekend. It will be the first time since the accident that I've had to dress up. That is an ordeal in itself because I'm not really the kind of person that likes dressing up. Despite that, a night out would be fun. I plan on wearing a dress or a skirt - I haven't decided yet. This means that all the scars on my leg will be visible. That however, is not my problem. I don't have any concerns about showing off my scars. I think scars are a memorial to what we've lived through.

My dilemma revolves around shoes. As most of you know I have some difficulty walking. Most of the time I can walk without any aid but I still use my crutches in the middle of the night and in the morning and I use my cane in winter. Normally I wear a sturdy hiking boot that provides great support for my foot. Dress shoes, do none of this. I have three pairs of shoes to choose from which are pictured above. I would be most comfortable in my hiking boot but will be the first to admit that it would look a bit ridiculous with a dress. The other two shoes present a problem. The loafer is comfortable, but only for about 1-3 hours. The sandal used to be comfortable but now gives me great pain - I could last about 1 hour in it. Wedding celebrations are at least a few hours so if I wear the loafer or the sandal I will be in a position where I can barely walk at the end of the evening. My cane will not provide enough support but my crutches would. For some reason I am horrified at the idea of bringing my crutches to the wedding.

My questions for all of you are:

#1. What shoe should I wear?

#2. If I wear the loafer or the sandal, I should bring my crutches but for some reason I'm really embarrased to do this - would you be? Is wearing either of these shoes worth the pain it will bring?

#3. I also find crocs comfortable - would any of you wear them to a wedding?
I know there might be some other shoe options out there. Kara has made some good suggestions. I haven't looked yet. Basically I need a shoe that is wide and offers thick sole support. I really shouldn't care about what people think of my footwear but I do. Crazy I guess.
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Kara said...

hahaHahAHHAhah....if you wear Crocs to the wedding, take pictures for me!! (Same goes for that hiking boot!)

Mean aren't I??

Seriouly though, if the footwear issue is the big problem, why not wear a nice pair of dress pants with a really pretty top instead? Then your shoes will be less noticeable.

I have one you can borrow...I'll email you some pictures. :)

Barbara said...

Kara, I've been seriously considering that option - the pants and top - not the Crocs! I wish I had the nerve to do it - I really do. Mine are a bright pink.

Popcorn House said...

I say go with the pants and the penny loafers......but crocs at the wedding would be awesome!

*Tasha* said...

Can't you find a comfortable dress shoe?? Would inserts help AT ALL? I don't know much about what your accident did, I'm sorry.

What about black crocs?

Dawn said...

I voted Crocs before coming in here and reading the comments. Looks like I'm in the minority. I thing you should go for what's the most comfy. Maybe wear the stylish shoes in and then change into crocs or slippers when you get in and your feet are under a table. The perfect crime! But seriously who cares what people think of your footwear, you do what you want.

Good luck with your decision.

Bonnie said...

Go for comfort - I vote for a nice pant suit, hiking boots (which no one will see), and have a blast. No one will care what you wear, they only want to see you. I hope you really enjoy yourself.
Auntie Bonnie

Julia O'C said...

You have a very good reason to need to wear comfortable shoes. Why not add a bunch of jibbitz to your Crocs?
Something like this:


Who could help buy smile when they see your feet?!

mother said...

put a long dress on and wear the hiking boots.
Lots of love, hugs and kisses

Kiera Beth said...

First of all - enjoy the wedding! I am a little late on commenting, but I see you have lots of good advice already.

I like Dawn's idea. I have seen a lot of people who put on one pair of shoes for the ceremony and then another comfy pair at the reception!

You could start a trend of hiking boots and a dress. You never know, it might kick off the next big craze -- sure better than the shoulder pads that I am hearing rumors might come back into style

Kiera Beth said...

What did you end up deciding?