Friday, April 10, 2009

How To Spell Trouble

I'm not an advocate of anyone getting a dog for their kids. Getting a pet is and should be a family decision that everyone agrees on. Murphy is our dog (mine and Jim's) - we're hopeful that he and Bennett will become friends but we did not get Murphy for Bennett.

Fortunately, it seems that our two babies have fallen in love. Murphy follows Bennett everywhere and Bennett's face lights up when he sees the puppy. However, I think their friendship is going to cause some problems as the two of them seem to get each other in trouble a number of times throughout the day. If Murphy wants into the bathroom, Bennett will gladly open the door for him. If Bennett starts pulling toys out of the toybox, Murphy will quickly jump in to help.

This morning, Bennett decided to share his pacifier with Murphy. This resulted in a very early morning race through our house. It was very amusing to watch a rather large man chase a rather small puppy - both of them at top speed. Jim eventually caught him but it took a while. Bennett and I agreed that it was probably one of the funniest things we've ever seen.


grandma and grandpa said...

those pictures are precious! I told Bennett that whenever he does something wrong to blame it on Murphy! Bad grandma. Bad, bad grandma.
I took him for a walk a few days ago........maybe I should say that HE took me for a walk. That little guy can sure walk fast. I think that I have created a little monster. When I go over now, he heads for his coat. Barbara hides it now. He believes in taking long, long walks and doesn't want to come in! I treasure those walks!
We "chat" about stuff we see and then we stop to look around so he doesn't miss anything. He stares at the trucks, cars etc. when they go by.
He even sings as we walk. IT IS JUST TOOOOOOOOO CUTE! My heart gets all mooshy when we go for walks. He is such a wonderful person! We will be going for lots of walks this summer and I can hardly wait.
Lots of love, hugs and kisses
Grandma and Grandpa

Bonnie said...

How beautiful! It will be good for Bennett to have a confidant (other than his mom & dad and grandparents). He will do well with his new buddy, Murphy. Re sharing a soother - who knows, Murphy might just claim that as his own!
Lots of love & Easter Blessings to all,
Auntie Bonnie

Mummu and Poppa said...

Yes, we say that everyone who wants the responsiblities (and there are many) of a pet should have one. Not everyone who has a pet deserves one and that is very sad. Thank God Murphy has such a good family and extended family.

Yes, the pets always end up being Mom and Dad's - right Jim? ... remembering Missy.

Thank you for letting us share Murphy! He is just so darn cute.

They both are going to be a going concern - Bennett and Murphy - one will always be following the other. Let the games begin. Life will never be the same. Buddies forever!

... as for the soother ... Jim we can picture you now and we have to laugh.

Mummu and Poppa
xxx ooo xxx ooo