Monday, February 16, 2009

Family Day

In Ontario today is Family Day. I think it's the second year for this new legislated holiday. Jim was home from work so here are some images from our day...

After dragging Jim's shirt around the house he wanted to wear it. It fits nicely don't you think? Although he does look a bit like a little monk.

Bennett then had great fun trying on my bra. He tried it on his back, his head, his chest and then he got tired of it and stuffed it under the bookcase. Jim thinks he was just practicing how to take them off in the future.

We then spent about 20 minutes getting Bennett ready to go to a sliding party. Once he got there he was pretty tired and not that interested in sliding. Since it was close to nap time we came home early.

After his nap he was a bit more chipper and practiced walking up and down my monster ramp all by himself. A wonderful accomplishment!! Yes my Christmas stuff is still up - I don't want to talk about it...or at least Jim doesn't.

And finally for the big finish - Bennett had a pee in his potty before his bath tonight! It was a complete and total coincidence but hey, we have to start somewhere right?


Kiera Beth said...

First of all, CONGRATS on the toilet! Hey, you do have to start somewhere and it looks like he is a pro already :)

What a great idea, Family Day. That is a wonderful holiday! Plus, it really helps to break up this long stretch between the holidays and summer.

Dawn said...

Yay for peepee's on the potty!! You definitely have to start somewhere. It'll come!

I think that the U.S. needs to have Family Day! Maybe Pres. Obama will make it happen. Of course yesterday was a federal holiday (President's Day) but pretty much only government workers get it off. I had it off but only because it's also our midwinter break also. Back to work tomorrow for me.

I love all of Bennett's pics. LOL about him playing with your bra. Kids are so funny, he won't be laughing at that pic as a teen.

Bonnie said...

So glad you had such a great family day - with the all the various skills Bennett is learning. Is he getting all of this from school?? I loved the "monk" reference. Maybe it's a sign!

Auntie Bonnie

Popcorn House said...

What great pictures! Yah for peeing on the potty!!! You totally have to start somewhere, and that is a GREAT start.

I agree with everyone else. The U.S needs a Family Day!!!

Kara said...

Woo! Hooray for peeing on the potty! Isn't it exciting?!?

And I have to agree with Keira...he certainly does look like a pro!

Erin said...

Congrats on the potty that is huge.  Family day looked like lots of fun, what a great holiday1